Sports Recruiting Founders Call an Audible, Now Helping Entrepreneurs and Professionals ‘Get Recognized’ and Get Business

The entrepreneurs previously at the helm of the high school sports recruiting website are now helping entrepreneurs and business professionals, just like they once did for high school athletes. . . “Get Recognized and Get Recruited”, the ever-popular tagline of the and competitor now takes on a similar meaning for business professionals who would like to leverage their knowledge and expertise to gain authority status within their industries.

Hal Fischer and Dean Bundschu are now utilizing their entrepreneurial skills to help businesses in a variety of industries ‘get recognized’ through their new venture, StarBrand Media (SBM), a division of their parent company, LSP Consulting.  Evidently they have found their calling, as SBM is currently syndicating their clients’ messages to media outlets like CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS news affiliates along with online publications like The Miami Herald and Boston Globe.

“We realized early on in this endeavor that one of the most critical things a business needs, whether it’s a month old or a decade old, is media attention to differentiate it from the competition,” said Fischer.  “Our model is simple because our results are proven.  We already knew from our years of experience the value that media exposure has in terms of new business revenue for our clients.  By working with the most competent brand journalists in the nation and coupling that with media reach and syndication, we help convert more of our clients’ audience into high paying customers and raving fans!”

Florida housing expert Scott Fitzgerald was astounded at the attention his article received, being picked up by over 100 nationwide media sites, but more important for him, the Miami Herald,, and countless other media outlets throughout his market.  “These guys didn’t just hit a grand slam, they drove me dollars in terms of new and existing client business,” said Fitzgerald.

Fischer and Bundschu, neither of whom are strangers to helping people stand above the crowd through their previous work at the nation’s largest veteran recruiting firm, where they initially utilized their personal branding talent to help veterans market their skills in order to transition into corporate America.   Together they envisioned SBM as more of a specialized media exposure and authority branding firm, rather than a traditional PR firm, and their carefully selected clients are already reaping the benefits of their extensive business and marketing backgrounds.

“We select our clients carefully because we’ve seen the downside of working with everyone,” noted Bundschu, adding, “I think our results clearly demonstrate that we qualify every client prior to working with them.  We only choose clients who want to be the best at what they do.”

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