Spiritual Business Coach Marie-Helene Risi Creates A Solution For Starving Professionals

French-speaking spiritual business coach Marie-Helene Risi is launching her intuitive business coaching program, helping coaches and professionals from around the world break free from the time-for-dollar model and their incapacity to create an infinite pipeline of ideal prospects.

“One of the main things I see holding coaches and professionals from striving forward in their business is the lack of training in marketing and business systematization, automation and delegating,” says Marie-Helene Risi. “Most coaches and professionals learn great skills during their certification, but rarely do they learn how to build their business once the certification is completed, and this keeps them from making top dollar in this fast-growing business of coaching.”

As stated in a recent study by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), 50 percent of coaches worldwide made less than $25,000 in 2012. “This situation saddens me a lot because most coaches are here to help others and have a huge positive impact on this world, but if they can’t make a decent living out of it, they can’t continue for long without going straight to burnout,” says Marie-Helene Risi.

The solution to this problem resides in learning marketing and business-building skills to build a practice that is always growing by using a new model of business that works, using free sessions that sell your services without giving them away for free. This is an area where Marie-Helene Risi has great mastery, after giving 300 of them. She’s now trained Coach Leaders based in Europe and America to give them for her, and coaching packages that will free up time for the coach, helping her build a legacy – and if they choose, a saleable business. Marie-Hélène Risi is teaching this in her coaching program called “Pleine Pratique” to French-speaking coaches and professionals from around the world.

Using her clairvoyance skills as well for the benefit of her clients, Marie-Helene has a talent in helping coaches and professionals find their very specific niche market to make them really shine through their unique calling. Then, she helps them build highly attractive coaching packages that allow them to move away from the time-for-dollar business model to a value-for-money model. This helps them grow their business quickly without so much stress about cashflow.

You can learn more about Marie-Helene Risi, her gifted intuition and her program at: http://Marie-Helene-Risi.com.