Sirota’s Alchymy Martial Arts & Life Skills Centre

Sirota’s Alchymy Martial Arts & Life Skills Centre, helps to turn novices into Martial Arts & self-defense experts through alchemy. The Sirota Centre advances martial arts and teaches self-defense techniques to the able-bodied and lesser abled citizens in Vancouver. Harness your inner alchemist when learning how to defend yourself in an increasingly challenging world, directly from the Masters.

Master Michael Sirota has over 35-years of experience in the Martial Arts and is intent on transforming the world through global empowerment – one student at a time. As Master Sirota confirms, “Sirota’s Alchymy promotes personal alchymy in our students and our society… to develop personal empowerment”.

Backed by a long list of awards and certifications from international governing bodies in the field of Martial Arts, Master Sirota is truly a Merlin of our time. Specializing in several Martial Art forms such as Taekwondo and Hapkido (the art of self-defense), Master Sirota and his team confirm that their expertise transforms the physical state through the use of the mind. This level of transformation can be likened to the magic performed by Merlin the Magician in the fables of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

When the powers of the mind are harnessed, magic truly does happen to transform the self through self-discipline and self-direction leading to the more confident, more capable individual many of us aspire to be. The difference with Master Sirota and his team is that their clientele will enjoy major improvements on a personal level and become highly capable in the art of self-defense simultaneously.

In an increasingly challenging world, learning Hapkido has become close to a necessity for self-protection. Why go through life being afraid of the physical harm that can befall one, when help is just a ‘phone call away? The most striking feature of this transformational Centre is that it also caters to the needs of people with physical disabilities. Along with children, individuals with physical disabilities are among the most vulnerable members in society. With specialized direction though, they too can become proficient in defending themselves from any potential threats.

With a cornucopia of accolades to support Master Sirota’s expertise in this field, no further proof is required of his competence. Supported by a team of professionals, Master Sirota is truly changing lives through the classes he has provided in the cities of Redmond, Vancouver, Ladner, Burnaby, Surrey, and Delta for more than a quarter of a century. All age groups are welcome to join his classes, with special camps for children being just one more service aimed at transforming the world where it will create the greatest benefit for a brighter future – with yourself. Be your own Merlin and harness your alchemy to play your part in this bright new future.

Sirota’s Alchymy Martial Arts & Life Skills Centre is a Centre of Personal Transformation!

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