Simple Online Video Marketing for Business Owners, Hits Three Amazon Best Seller Lists

T. Allen Hanes & Associates announced the book, “Simple Online Video Marketing-For Business Owners,” reached number 7 on the Amazon Best Seller List in the “Business & Investing”, “Marketing & Sales”, and “Advertising” categories.

This triple best-selling book features easy strategies for business owners to set themselves apart in a noisy market using video. “You can find new prospect online simply by posting a few videos to talking about what you do.  Being authentic and passionate about what you do can lead to great things, and since most companies still aren’t jumping in, says Jim Cockrum, voted the most trusted person on the internet, get in the game now.  There is no major expense involved with capturing and sharing your content.  There is no downside risk, and the potential upside is huge”.

No stranger to “Video Production” while in the US Navy, Hanes an educator and advocate for his clients, wrote his first video training manuel in 1994 to train US Navy Photographers on how to shot and edit video on an Aircraft Carrier the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70).

Right at the time the internet was emerging.  Hanes retired in 1998.   In 2004 due to the advent of YouTube and the internet video Hanes seen a great opportunity to help business owners use video in their marketing and use as a tool to position themselves in the market as the Authority.

“Any company that actually wants to do well needs to ensure it is marketing and advertising products and services in a manner that is effective and reaches by far the most people.  Recently, the internet permits an organization to achieve that”,  Says Frank Kern;  Internet Video Marketing Authority.”For instance, on the web video clips are a great place to begin.  The recommendation discussed can make it far more clear.  Don’t be afraid of sophisticated video marketing methods.  It can be very easy to make efficient video clips only using top quality digicam and tripod.  You might want to give a demonstration of the way your products are manufactured or just speak with visitors.”

When you include this medium as one of the various online channels within your marketing plans and successfully implement it, you’ll discover that you’ll be several years ahead of the competition in your industry.

Video marketing can help increase your market share and set you miles apart from the competition if you take the much needed time to come up with great media strategies that can be easily implemented successfully.

Simple Online Video Marketing – For Business Owners” is now available on Amazon at: