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Dario Cucci, is an international Speaker, Bestselling Author and Serve & Sell Coach to Professionals on a global scale. He has discovered that many Professionals, Experts & Coaches struggle to get repeat business, due to their Mindset, Communication Skills & Business Strategies in place, to support their growth.

Therefore, he created a wraparound service to support businesses and elevate their sales and revenue. The Company On-Call-Business GmbH (Ltd) offers programs in communication, mindset, sales and leadership management strategies. This helps businesses win more customers and serve them better, to create long term sustainability and prevent losing clients to their competition.

Dario has been delivering outstanding results for over 20 years, and has worked for several Companies in Australia for 10 years, making them yearly over 1 Million Dollars additional Sales Revenue. This was due to his demeanor and rapport with new Prospects & existing Customers. He developed strategies to attain high closing rates not only getting new Customers selling intangible Products but also getting high quality repeat Sales and referrals. His method of building long term Relationships with the Customers is called his High-End Sales C.A.R.E System. His motto is “Sales isn’t a numbers but a Peoples game”. 

He believes too many businesses are failing due to a high amount of automation which can diminishes the trust.  The lack of human interaction is killing conversions, which is killing millions of businesses every year. His vision was to build a Global Communications Skills Academy to transform the way businesses convert dead leads into devoted customers. He achieves this with excellent services such as:  1 to 1 and Group Coaching and Mentoring, as well as, on site sales and customer service training for employees.

Small Business Owners and entrepreneurs, struggle to travel all the time to different venues to attend a seminars and workshops to learn about their business purpose, sales potential and mindset. They would rather invest on building their business rather than having to sacrifice time to attend a seminar or workshop that ends up not meeting their needs or is another pitch fest. 

Dario Cucci created “The Selling With Purpose Group Coaching” to help business owners learn proven mindset, sales potential and communication strategies that they can implement immediately after they attended the group coaching session without having to leave their home.  

These types of programs teach principals such as improving their customer service and as a result they can get more direct referrals, so they don’t need to do the old fashion expensive Marketing Campaigns to grow their Business.  Instead they can gain momentum with their existing Customers to get new Customers, by understanding how to serve their Customers better than they currently do.

Dario is also trained and a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Theta Healer, Hypnosis Therapist & has developed himself during the last 20+ years in the area of self-development. He has worked in the field and made his successes because of the experience he attained during those years, working with small – medium sized businesses around the world. 

His ability to adapt his experience to your business, to implement his High-End Sale CARE Systems and tools helps business get faster results without the headaches that the competitors give you, by having to spend thousands of dollars on advertising before seeing any results.

Dario has had great success in several countries and continues to help business  increase sales with unique methods and teaching how to serve customers better. 

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to work with an industry leader, and shift your business in the direction of success today!

And if you happen to be in London on 2 & 3 November 2019, you could organize Tickets to experience Dario Cucci presenting Live & coaching attendees at his self-development and business event “The Ultimate Entrepreneur” which is the ideal 2 Day Seminar/Workshop Event, to help small business owners get unstuck & take their Business to the next level, the holistic way. 

To find out more about the Event and book your Tickets you can do so by visiting Dario Cucci’s website. This event is also suitable to attend for small businesses with their employees, groups of 5+ receive an additional 20% group discount on their tickets.

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Mark Stephen Pooler is a Professional Speaker, International Bestselling Author, host of Business Innovators Radio and contributor to Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine covering Influencers, Innovators and Trendsetters in Business.