Sharon Frame’s Book “LeadHERship”: Own It! Love It! Learn It! Give It!, Reached Number 3 On The International Amazon Best Seller List

Sharon Frame, former CNN anchor and T. Allen Hanes and Associates announce the book, “LeadHERship”: Own it! Love it! Learn it! Give it!, Women Redefining Wealth, Health and Happiness…And How You Can Too,” reached number 3 on the International Amazon Best Seller List in the “Transformational”, “Women’s Personal Growth” and “Personal Success” categories. This triple best-selling book features women who radically changed their course to live the lives they desire and deserve. These incredible women, against all odds, took the helm of their own ship to chart and create their own destiny. The book outlines how you can too.

“Are you caught up in life’s rat race and adrift of your true purpose? Perhaps it’s time to set a better sail. Sharon Frame’s “LeadHERship” book reveals the riveting life-stories of these women who quit their empty, meaningless lives, or bucked the system to chart a new, more heart-centered course to happiness. One woman went from homeless to being a millionaire in no time! Another gave up her corporate job to go island-hopping and then moved to Tuscany, Italy, to live her dreams on a vineyard. Through their daring moves, heart-aches and set-backs they discovered the four anchors of living a full life: Own it! Love It! Learn It! Give it! Now you can too.

Sharon Frame is no stranger to writing. This is her 4th book. She is also personally familiar with shifting course in mid-sea. Frame was a TV News Anchor/Reporter for more than 25 years, and spent more than 10 years at CNN. She admittedly helped deliver a regular dose of news coverage heavy on murder, mayhem and political or corporate corruption. Despite her best efforts to sprinkle in a few “feel good” stories, what Frame helped create for viewers was a world of fear, hopelessness, negativity and cynicism. And that did not settle well in her spirit. So she decided to flip the script and deliver hope and healing instead.

Frame explains, “Now as an Empowerment Speaker and Coach, I get to use my talent to help people see ‘the rest of the story’; what’s positive and possible in life.” She adds, “My heart-centered business is to teach clients how to shift their mindset, tap into their full potential and create the success they desire. Being an entrepreneur gives me the opportunity to teach people how to ‘bring a bigger bucket’ to life; raise their level of expectation and shatter low, limited beliefs.”

“I also enjoy my work as a presentation strategist, teaching top-achievers and high performers to master their public speaking skills: how to speak about anything, anywhere to anyone with clarity, confidence and conviction.” LeadHERship is a new twist on an age old concept. This book reveals a fresh perspective on a leadership from a woman’s point of view. The stories from women who overcame enormous obstacles and created the lives they wanted are instructive as well as inspiring.

Lisa Giruzzi, Best Selling Author, Accomplished Speaker and Award Winning Trainer says, “This book is a tremendous example of how powerful and effective women are and will serve to help women everywhere, find their own LeadHERship Power.”

Ellen Wood, Inspirational Speaker, Columnist and Author of Think and Grow Young – Powerful Steps to Create a Life of Joy says, “Sharon Frame’s book LeadHERship is a powerful call for women to embrace their authentic power and dare to take charge of their lives. The provocative stories and personal profiles of women overcoming tremendous odds to chart their course are deeply moving. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of LeadHERship and anchor your life around its practical success principles. You are bound to make your life journey meaningful, fun and fulfilling.”

Sharon Frame started out as a motivational speaker. Her inspiring messages gave people hope to live their dreams and find personal success, but Frame realized motivation was not enough to bring about permanent change. People needed to be empowered from the inside out. They needed to be taught practical principles and a usable structure to shift their mindset. That’s why she developed her successful Focus & Follow Through coaching program. It helps clients set themselves up for success by radically changing the way they think and act.

Clients learn to systematically identify top priorities, take small, myopic, deliberate steps every day to develop the success habits of top achievers. As a result, their personal and business accomplishments increase exponentially. Frame is also an international speaker with a deep passion for travel. She created the annual LeadHERship Empowerment Cruise. It’s a life-transforming “leisure and learning” get-away that helps busy women (and men) rest, relax and rejuvenate. They also get to recharge and retool in business and self-development seminars conducted by Frame and her team of expert speakers.

“Eventually, I’ll fill an entire ship for the LeadHERship cruise, as we teach women how to lead their lives with purpose, passion and profit!” explains Frame. To find out more about Sharon Frame go to: “LeadHERship:” Own it! Love it! Learn it! Give it! Women Redefining Wealth, Health and Happiness” is now available on at:

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