Seven Falls Publishing Makes A Difference With Philanthropic Book

For over a decade, Seven Falls Publishing has made a difference by publishing useful how-to books, and more recently, specialty guides. The publishing company’s latest effort, the publication of Chiropractic Revolutions, will provide the essential advice readers have come to expect from Seven Falls’ books, but its community benefits will not end there, as the retail sales from the book will be donated to multiple charities. The first targeted charity is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which will benefit greatly from the combined support of the publisher and its targeted readers.

Chiropractic Revolutions

Set for release in the summer of 2016, Chiropractic Revolutions features in-depth interviews with fifteen of the industry’s finest chiropractors. These experts share their thoughts on everything from the advantages of chiropractic care to the misconceptions surrounding this beneficial field. The goal is to help prospective patients ease any fears arising from common misconceptions so that they can enjoy the full benefits of chiropractic care. The interviews featured in Chiropractic Revolutions are recorded and sent to transcribers and editors, who check the interview text for grammatical errors. Although transcribers and editors are significant in the process, the interviewed chiropractors always have the final say, as they are allowed to add to or edit the final product before signing off on it. In hopes of aiding St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and other charities, Seven Falls Publishing has covered the cost of editing, transcriptions, cover design, and marketing for Chiropractic Revolutions. Interview subjects have also been asked to assist with the effort by purchasing copies at Seven Falls’ wholesale cost and distributing to interested friends, family members, and patients.

Other Projects

Chiropractic Revolutions is just one of numerous promising efforts undertaken by Seven Falls Publishing. Recently, the publisher released Now What? America’s Top Criminal Lawyers Reveal Their # Tips For Families Facing a Legal Crisis. The guide contains valuable advice for those facing the stress and anxiety associated with the legal process. Its interviews feature words of wisdom regarding white collar crime, fraud, domestic charges, and an array of other criminal allegations. As with Chiropractic Revolutions, the ultimate goal for this legal guide is not only to inform the public, but also to raise money for charity.
Publisher President, Andy Curry, and the entire team at Seven Falls Publishing is determined to make a difference for families in need. Chiropractic Revolutions accomplishes this lofty goal, both by supplying prospective chiropractic patients with much-needed information and by supplying deserving charities with much-needed financial support.