Seth Lederman – Franchise Consultant Matches Candidates with Right Franchises

At a time when people are looking for that next career – either through choice (not ready to retire or wanting a change) or by force (by getting let go from their positions), franchises present a wonderful business opportunity.

Franchises are a tried and true option because they’ve already passed the uncertainty and risk of the start-up phase and they’ve solidified all the systems and processes. The number of franchises to be considered is mind-numbing, however, and can be quite confusing.

Seth Lederman is a franchise consultant who helps sort through the potential businesses that may be appropriate for an individual. He has launched a new company, Frannexus, to help candidates with the very important decision-making process of determining if a franchise is the right business model for them and if they’re qualified to be awarded a franchise.

His unique background makes him the perfect consultant for this task. From his very first career as a Healthcare Provider, and entrepreneur, he has been a business owner who set up his business to be scaled and sold. In addition, his many years as a business consultant and advisor to business owners and franchisees provided him with the knowledge and experience to be that matchmaker that can put the franchise and franchisee together.

Mr. Lederman states, “Being a franchise consultant really resonated with me because of my knowledge base and my experience and how I built my businesses. I could really help people navigate the system. There are so many franchises out there and not all of them are perfect.

People are interested in being a business owner for a variety of reasons. Either they’re corporate refugees or they came into money through an inheritance or some other form, and they just decided that they wanted to be in business for themselves rather than for someone else, because true wealth is really created through business ownership and asset development, and income generation is created through a “job,” what for most, stands for Just Over Broke.”

After a brief opportunity in the corporate world, he learned to appreciate the benefits of being a business owner versus an employee, and provided him with the experience to both understand and appreciate the world that many franchisee candidates come from.

When someone buys a franchise, they’re buying a proven business model. A franchise consultant focuses on helping to facilitate the acquisition of a franchise by someone who’s interested in owning a franchise concept. They navigate the thousands of options that are available and put the candidate through a qualitative and quantitative analysis to make sure that their experience, knowledge, passion and financial position are appropriate for the companies they’re interested in.

As a franchise consultant, Seth Lederman educates people about the idiosyncrasies, nuances and intricacies of being a franchise owner and he works as an advocate for the candidates, ensuring they will make the best choice possible for themselves and their family.

Furthermore, Seth can help a successful business owner decide whether they should consider franchising as an appropriate growth strategy to scale their business. Seth is skilled at determining if franchising would make sense for a particular business and can assist with the steps that would make this a reality. He can provide both the resources and franchise development services providers to assist with this aspect of business growth.

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