Serial Inventor and Entrepreneur, Jeff Budden, Files Patent Application On Secret Nail Growth Formula

Jeff Budden, like many inventors and entrepreneurial spirits, fell into his latest business when he saw a problem in the world without a good solution, and felt like (with a little research) he could create a product to fix it. In less than a year he researched, created and launched a revolutionary new solution to that problem and is in the process of obtaining a patent on his new product now.

Just a year ago last January, Budden was out on a dinner date when the entrepreneurial bug bit him. Like many women, his date was careful about always looking her best, wearing nice clothes, keeping up her hair, jewelry and makeup and she also wore acrylic nails. After unexpectedly losing a nail, she shared how irritated she was with the “acrylic nail jail” she found herself in.

If the acrylics are not refilled every two weeks, they look terrible, she shared. Not to mention that she’d found herself having to cancel a client appointment due to missing nails and feeling unprofessional and embarrassed about her hands until she could get to the nail salon and have them fixed. She was stuck in “nail jail” because her natural nails had been destroyed over time by the acetone and the chemicals used to apply and remove the acrylic nails.

Budden immediately thought of his daughter, a model, who also had trouble growing her own natural nails and wore acrylics. He researched nail growth and soon discovered it is all about nail nourishment, but nearly all of the products out there did nothing to nourish nails, and most used chemicals that actually weakened them over time. He set out to create a new all-natural formula so that women could stop using acrylics and “get out of nail jail,” growing their own natural and healthy nails.

Budden, now inventor of the new nail growth formula explains, “It’s truly a revolutionary new product. It works for 100% of women that use it as instructed. It produces miraculous results for women (and men) who have been convinced they will never be able to grow their own natural nails and have them look good. We’ve done four week trials with photos and videos so potential customers can see results as they occurred. Within two weeks women have called me crying how they are so happy. These are people who have never been able to grow their own nails out.”

His dinner date from a year ago no longer needs acrylics; she now has natural nails as long as her acrylics used to be, since using the Gorgeous Natural Nails formula Budden created.

Customer Christin Himmel had a problem common to many women; brittle, cracking and breaking nails. She shared, “I tried everything before trying the Gorgeous Natural Nails, and could not grow my nails past the tip of my finger without them breaking. Now, I have nails, and they’re still growing!”

Each week on his facebook page, Budden shares tips for natural nail care. He feels part of his role is to educate women on caring for their nails, not to just sell a product. For example, he says, “Avoid the use of acetone or any glue (that will require acetone to remove) on your natural nails, as it destroys and weakens them, dries out your cuticles, and causes your nails to become brittle. Acetone is the enemy of natural nails. Use a non-acetone polish remover, and instead of glue, use a good quality top coat to adhere any jewels or nail art. Apply a dab more each day to keep them in place just fine.”

According to medical experts at WebMD, studies have shown that biotin strengthens brittle nails, making them less likely to split and break. When your nails are stronger, you can grow them longer. Nothing can speed up how fast nails healthy grow, which, according to doctors at WebMD is about 1 millimeter a week (or 4-5 mm per month) for healthy nails, and there are things you can do to keep them healthy and improve their appearance. The Gorgeous Natural Nails all natural nail formula does just that.  It contains 5 natural oils – plus Biotin. It just takes one drop per finger 2-3 times a day to get the benefits.

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