Serial Entrepreneur Bruce Mack Automates Lead Generation And Social Media With MaxLeadPro

Bruce Mack has been an Entrepreneur since he was 8 years old, growing up as the 5th generation member of a San Francisco family. As a child, he saw opportunity in doing what others did not want to do. He built his first business cleaning up after people’s dogs and has been building up businesses ever since. Mack’s approach hinges on being people oriented.  He listens to his client’s needs and is able to deliver. Hence the reason Bruce Mack has received numerous awards and accolades during his career, including “Speaker of The Year” from Speaking Empire.

He knew he had it in him early on when he was able to turn around a failing apparel business to a thriving 3 million sales company within one year; without being hired to do that. He took the initiative to turn this business around even though he was hired as a 9 to 5 salesperson. Mack says, “You can’t teach someone to be an Entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs have the inborn ability, skill sets and confidence to be able to create thriving market niches along with the innate ability to turn failing businesses around.”

He has 40+ years experience being a successful Entrepreneur. His career includes 20 years as an owner and hands on operator of a multi-location executive recruiting company placing Insurance Executives and Computer Programmers. Successful recruiters need to have a sixth sense about people, where and how they fit with a company and a position. The simple truth is, it takes excellent people skills.

In the two most recent decades, he became a licensed Financial Adviser, Real Estate Investor, Speaker, an Author and a Software Developer. His previous business experiences led to his co-founding a start up business to business software company that delivers to companies what they all want and need-leads. Thus, Max Lead Pro was born. The problem for many entrepreneurs and business owners is having enough leads and using many unconnected pieces of online technology for lead generation and relationship management. Max Lead Pro changes the entire equation. It’s like having over a dozen must have programs rolled into one that work seamlessly with each other.

Max Lead Pro has a user friendly website creator, landing page creator (for list building from opt-ins), video mail, auto responders, auto ad placements, auto blogging, and unique tools for social media and relationship management. There’s even a tool for creating a huge LinkedIn presence, and another tool for automated video creation that posts content directly to YouTube. Until now, marketers could only use one service at a time to handle the diverse marketing needs of a business owner. Bruce Mack created an integrated solution. The system takes care of everything automatically. There is no need to for today’s business owner to try to cobble together programs that were designed to work alone in an attempt to create an online presence.

Businesses have long ago realized that most sales happen between after 7 to 12 interactions and engagements. These need to be consistent and to establish and foster relationships with the client. Max Lead Pro automatically and proactively creates those needed interactions and engagements.

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