Sean Abbananto Launches a Free Personal Development and Leadership Seminar in Oklahoma

Sean Abbananto a certified speaker, trainer and coach with The John Maxwell Team decided it was time to educate and empower others to become better leaders, so he developed and launched The Journey, a monthly leadership development seminar. And the interesting part is the event is free to attend.

“I have a calling on my life to give others what so many gave me” said Sean. “And the heart of every great leader is a servants heart with a giving spirit” he added

The Journey educates people of all backgrounds every month on the 3rd Thursday from 7Pm to 8Pm in Oklahoma City at The Paramount. Attendees will be introduced to a variety of leadership topics ranging from developing as a person to growing as a leader.

“I knew it was the right time for this type of event and the growing crowd each month is proof” said Sean.

One of the main topics at The Journey is how to master your mindset.

“As children we were always out to discover what life had to offer. We had a Discovery Mindset. Somewhere along life’s journey we have lost the joy of discovery. It’s time to recover our passion for discovery, to understand how a discovery mindset will impact our personal and professional lives and to also learn the power of releasing a discovery mindset in others.” said Sean.

John Maxwell says that leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less. Leadership is one of the most in-demand topics among schools, businesses and in the world of personal development.

When asked Sean said, “When the topic of leadership comes up, people often think of someone famous, but in reality everyone is a leader. Everyone’s life is influencing someone whether they realize it or not.”

There are numerous books, audio programs and seminars on the topic of leadership and rightfully so because the topic cover so many areas. The Journey was developed to bring people in the community together for a chance to learn, network and grow.

To learn more you can contact Sean at