Scott Truel, San Diego Holistic Health Practitioner, Urges Wiser Choices Using Skin Care Products

Scott Truel, San Diego Holistic Health Practitioner, told us, “It makes me sad when I see people using toxic chemicals on their skin when a product made from natural ingredients will work without the side effects.” Prior to 100 years ago, before the advent of chemical medicines and products coming from petroleum based products, what we call modern medicine, Doctors and common people used herbal therapy and other natural products. Before hucksters were selling patent medicines from the back of a wagon, native peoples were using natural products. In ancient Egypt people used Honey and various types of things that are humectant that were used to hydrate the skin because they lived in a desert climate.

Go to a drugstore or cosmetic store and look at the skincare products. In order to understand what is in the products you would need to bring a chemical dictionary. You would need a pathology dictionary to see what the side effects of the chemicals that make up those products would be. Many ingredients have no therapeutic value at all and are there simply as preservatives for the product.

It is better for the consumer to use products that are made from natural substances rather than chemical products. Whatever they were using 100 years ago was working. It only makes sense to take advantage of the same natural products that will work today without the need of toxic chemical additives. Cosmetic companies are not FDA regulated. Many times products that are on the shelf are simply being tested on the consumer; finding out if there will be adverse reactions to the product.

The root cause of many skin issues leads back to a food allergy. Everybody is different. If you are having skin problems it is recommended that you make a trip to your nutritionist or a naturopath to be tested for any and all allergies. A medical doctor may not be your best choice of professional to do these tests because they get very little training on nutrition while in medical school.

We are not talking about the anaphylactic shock that you usually think of when you think about food allergies. The food allergies that affect the skin may manifest as feeling bloated later in the day, some sort of discomfort in the digestive tract. If you are not eliminating properly the skin must take over some of that process. The reactions vary from person-to-person and food to food.  Some people may have digestive distress while others may simply have a rash.

Truel says, “Use herbal therapy, essential oils, clays and edible masks. Stay away from toxic products.” To see more about Scott Truel, go to:
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