Save Money, Reduce Food Spoilage With This Must Have Kitchen Accessory

Be a part of the Food Preservation Revolution!

Introducing Herbie™ a revolutionary far infrared infused glass disk with many capabilities!

This small, clear disk is a game-changer for families, individuals and multiple businesses alike.

Herbie™ is a far infrared (FIR) infused glass disk that has been scientifically proven in multiple, independent laboratory studies to increase the shelf life of nearly all foods and to enhance the flavor and taste of fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products and even breads and other dried goods.

Herbie™ also works to slow the growth of bacteria and potential microbial pathogens in the food supply, thereby reducing the incidence of illness and possible death from food-borne diseases.

Herbie™ can be placed in the refrigerator, bread drawer or anywhere that requires better shelf life for foods.

Every year in America, over 500 billion pounds of food end up in landfills, much of it due to spoilage. Herbie™ holds promise for dramatically reducing spoilage worldwide.

I have personally, as well as many around the globe, tested this little Herbie™ disk and have seen consistent results every time.

Even the most doubtful (now happy users) have become couldn’t believe with how long foods have kept fresh, some days and weeks beyond normally expected.

Herbie™ is a consumer-based product that lasts up to two full years, making it an affordable and sustainable option for anyone looking to reduce food waste and save money on food expenses.

Many, including myself have more than one Herbie™. We have seen its capabilities and uses around the house, from gardens to keeping our pet foods fresh as well.

I am thrilled to bring Herbie™ to the market and share its benefits with the world. Herbie™’s manufacturers hold the only patent for infusing this technology into glass so you know you have found the right and original product right here.

Herbie™ is not just a product. It’s a solution to a global problem as it dramatically reduces spoilage worldwide and helps families save money on their food expenses.

We are happy to share the scientific proof. It’s available upon request.

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Carol A Santella

Carol A Santella is a Right Hand Advisor, Positioning and Credibility Consultant to Business Professionals; is a Best Selling Author, Health Consultant, Strategist and Publisher. Carol is also a Radio Show Host for Business Innovators Radio, Host and Founder of Inside with Carol covering Innovators and Trendsetting Influencers in the Fields of Business, Health and Wellness, Medicine, Leadership and Animal Related Industries. Carol is also a Contributor to Business Innovators Magazine, Small Business Trendsetters and the Founder of the Health and Wellness Leaders and Influencers Group; is world renowned for her Program of Acknowledgment and Recognition of those who stand out above the rest, and assisting them with The Power of Positioning TM. Carol is the founder and operator of The Listener Network TM which now encompasses her health, communications, publishing and business consulting work.

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