San Diego Roofing Company Now Providing Solar Installation to Clients

Area residents will benefit from the decades experience, knowledge and high customer service in roofing and solar installation needs.

San Diego’s Christian Roofing, Inc., is  serving clients roofing and now solar installation needs. Since 1999, the family owned and operated company, located in Lakeside,  has brought their expertise in roofing to both residential and commercial businesses throughout the county. The expansion into solar installation is a natural progression to the business.  

With about two thirds of the year in sunny or partly sunny days, San Diego homes and businesses benefit from harvesting energy from the sun.  Use of solar panels can significantly lower or even eliminate one’s electric bills. Christian Roofing has in place a team of certified and licensed roofers and electricians, to install a solar system designed and tailored for each family or business. Their proprietary formula ensures that not only are quality panels used but the right quantity are in place to produce and save on a homeowners electric bill.

A roofs integrity should be able to withstand the lifespan of solar panels 30 to 35 years. With nearly two decades in roof replacement and repairs, Christian Roofing can expertly evaluate the roof to make sure it can withstand the installation and lifespan of solar panels.  Most solar companies do not offer roofing services and contract the work to another company. Christian Roofing can handle both needed repairs or replacement and installation of solar panels on roofs.

“Our solar clients have told us that we have saved them above and beyond what was initially expected”, states Natalie Hinck, manager at Christian Roofing, Inc., “ We will continue to offer the best solar panels in  all price ranges to meet all needs of our customers, both residential and commercial, big and small.”

Once in place, Christian Roofing solar customers have viewing access to their own systems production at anytime. This added feature will show current production in watts and total production in kilowatt hours allowing  homeowners the ability to see how solar is working for them. The ability to view lifetime production, daily production and monthly production will assure homeowners of their investment.

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