Sales & Marketing Consultant Rick Giles Announces New Online Authority Marketing Strategy

Today there are a multiplicity of Small Business Professional Doctors, Lawyers,Real Estate Brokers and Financial Services Agency  that are selling the exact same thing that you are, and your prospect  are looking for  more about you to make a decision based on something other than the features and benefits you have listed in your sales and marketing information.

We here at R.Giles Assoc. in harmony with the sometime controversial Perry Belcher, a Master Marketer who said; “There has never been a harder time to get a first sale from a new customer…but there has never been an easier time to get a second sale from an existing customer.”

What a powerful quote. Just read it again and you’ll agree how true this is. Understand that its 2014. In the past, only a decades ago, once exclusive professions of accounting, medicine, law and engineering have come to realize that they can no longer survive on referrals and reputation alone.

These professionals relied on their network of referrals. They went to the “right schools” and then developed a reputation among a select group of their friends that made them an attractive option that brought business to their door. Those days and that situation have however changed because of Google Reviews and  Social Media.

Rick Giles of  R.Giles & Assoc. says “Your options are to be Proactive or Reactive when customers, clients and prospects find your information.”

Authority Marketing, when done right, provides you a platform to be proactive where others are calling you the Expert and giving them  a reason to pick YOU! Most professionals are busy. Remember time is what they usually sell and  its expensive time, so any time spent on business development is not directly fee generating.

Under the best of circumstances, professionals have a limited amount of time to invest in selling and business development. What I’m leading up to is this:  You got ask yourself a few questions. What steps do I need to take to consciously build and manage my personal brand effectually and efficiently? Where do I find the right professionals who will treat my personal image like a product and market it just like you would market a hot product?

Many of you are going to be totally uncomfortable with the idea of this, like you are being fake or something. I’m not telling you to lie; I’m telling you to make your desired personal brand a reality!

How you become the Educator and Advocate in your field of expertise? Seth Godin; a well respect author,speaker and thought leader put this way on an interview. “You’ve got to pick Yourself. Too many of us are too focused on ‘how am I going to be criticized’ then are focused ‘How can I make a Difference'” Business Leader should think of themselves as Artists or Celebrities.

Why do people want to spend big money doing real estate deals with Donald Trump? Because he’s TRUMP! The same goes for anybody that is a recognizable celebrity.

Their personal brand has been carefully developed and nurtured. You need to do the same! You need to consider and plan: How you look? How you sound? What people read about you online? Who talking about you? and what you do? What credentials you should have? What awards you should win?

These are the factors that will differentiate you from your competition much, much more than the products or services you sell.

If you get it, here’s what you can do about it.

Look for The New Media Producer that specialize in helping entrepreneurs and business owners become celebrities in their industry and are excited about helping you get more exposure and consistent  growth for your business with minimal effort on your part. Get an Authority Agency that takes the time to walk you through the steps to move forward with this today!

Be Proactive.

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