Romance Writer Doris Vilk Offers a Trio of Hot Love Stories with the Chatham Series with Love Avenged Now Available

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Doris Vilk launched a second career as a Romance Writer by dipping her toes into the lucrative Adult Content, 18+ romance genre. Readers say the first book in The Chatham Series, Love Arrested and Love Attempted goes far beyond the now typical “50 Shades” style of erotic literature. The third book in the series is Love Avenged.

World-renowned and celebrated for her talent and her beauty, Hollywood actress Susan Chatham-Lomegistro’s life should be a dream. In many ways, it is. She’s married to the love of her life, has two beautiful little children, and, despite the horrors she’s already survived, she, and her career, are in fantastic shape. And she and her hubby, Dr. Franklin Lomegistro, have a white-hot sex life that keeps them absolutely mad for each other.

Having won a Golden Globe and an Oscar, Susan sets her sights on a return to live theater, thinking about eventually adding a Tony to her war chest. A great opportunity in Boston presents itself, and she takes it, setting into motion a diabolical scheme enacted by her worst enemies from the past—who want nothing more than to destroy her and everything she loves. Susan is at once, the luckiest—and the unluckiest—person her friends have ever met.

Will she have the raw courage—the stamina—it’s going to take to survive what’s coming her way?In this third book of the Chatham Series of erotic romance, Susan must again use all her talents and skills to outwit those who want the deadliest revenge.

Dentist turned Romance Writer Doris Vilk recently talked with Tamara “Tami” Patzer, host of Women Innovators, an award-winning iHeart radio syndicated show exploring women who are blazing trails and creating new paths in business. Vilk and Patzer talked about freedom, revenge and true love, explored in Vilk’s 3-part erotic romance, The Chatham Series.

The first book of the trilogy, Love Arrested was released September 2016 quickly garnering more than a dozen 5-star Amazon reviews and requests for the next book in the series to be released as soon as possible from enraptured fans eager to continue exploring the story line of the main character, actress Susan Chatham. Listen to Women Innovators Radio with Doris Vilk here.

Vilk launched her second career as a Romance Writer by dipping her toes into the lucrative Adult Content, 18+ romance genre. Readers have said the first book in The Chatham Series, Love Arrested goes far beyond the now typical “50 Shades” style of erotic literature. As a writer, Vilk deeply explores each character, their motivation, growth and internal life, all with a fast-moving plot with exciting, sexy scenes that while erotic at times, never lose their romantic flavor.

Love Arrested (The Chatham Series) (Volume 1)

Beautiful and talented actress Susan Chatham has it all. Celebrity status, money, and a super-hot Hollywood mogul husband. But jealousy is a vicious temptress, and someone else covets Susan’s perfect life. By the time Susan realizes what’s happening, her husband belongs to another, and her career is on the skids. To complete her fall, she’s framed and convicted for a crime she didn’t commit and loses her freedom, too. The abusive and grinding life in prison is rough, and she takes any opportunity to improve her situation. Being sexually available to men in power can get results−if you’re a gorgeous actress. What she wants is her freedom, revenge, and the chance for true love. What she’s prepared to do to get it will arouse much more than she thinks.

A recent reader Paul Fleisher writes in his review of the book, “…couldn’t put it down. I READ all night. This novel is shocking at times, erotic at times, sad at times, and tender at times. Please write another novel.”

Love Attempted (The Chatham Series) (Volume 2) was published and climbed the Amazon charts into the top 100.

Beautiful actress and ex-inmate Susan Chatham has a wonderful new love and life is finally becoming normal after being framed for jewelry theft. When he realizes his scheming assistant set up Susan, Dale, her hot Hollywood movie mogul ex-husband, offers her great roles to help her regain her status. He’s anticipating more. While in prison, Susan established good friendships. But she made enemies, too. Dale’s now-imprisoned ex-mistress, Allison, allies with dangerous criminals to continue her vendetta against Susan.

By returning to her former career, Susan unknowingly becomes a target. Many people, it seems, want a piece of her. And while she goes through her days conflicted by residual feelings for her ex, she has no idea of the dangers approaching her.
Love Avenged is set for 2018 publication.

About the Author
Doris Vilk was born in Havana, Cuba, and has lived in Nassau, Bahamas; Milan, Italy and Madrid, Spain. She currently lives in South Florida where she loves the beach. She is happily married and has one son. In her previous endeavors, she was a practicing Family and Cosmetic Dentist for 29 years. She served as President for several Women’s Business Associations and has won numerous Community Awards for her Community Service.

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