Rohini Nair On Inspiring Women To Rise Above Their Obstacles And Achieve Success In Life

“What would you do if you had 30 days to live?” Rohini Nair heard the seminar leader ask his audience at an event she was at one evening.  Later that night, her mind kept repeating the same question over and over until she dozed off to sleep. It was as if something inside her had awoken.

The next day she started to reflect on her life journey. As a child, Rohini Nair grew up in the slums of India. Poor seemed like an understatement, she and her family called a bare wooden hut home for many years. Her burning desire to come up in life made her score high academically and she got accepted into a college where she majored in engineering. It was there she met her would be husband and they got married not long after they graduated.

Soon motherhood came around and she became a full time wife and mother.  It was while they lived in Singapore as an expat family that she got her first taste of foreign culture and people. Living abroad was an eye opener for her, especially when she could hardly speak English, she encountered a few interesting experiences to say the least.

Soon time passed and with all that was going on in her life Rohini realized she had forsaken her own passion, dream and most of all herself. Going back to the question earlier, she had found her answer.  If she had 30 days to live she would write about her hard life growing up, she would share what she did to overcome her obstacles in life to rise above poverty, she would interview other successful women and share their stories to inspire other women in a book! She would travel the world and speak on personal growth especially for women.  She could relate to their stories but most importantly they could relate to hers. That was exactly what Rohini did and she spent the next 30 days finishing her recent book now available on Amazon Kindle.

The engineer cum jewellery designer started her online jewellery business 2 years ago and her creations have since been custom ordered  by her exclusive clientele from around the world, showcased at fashion shows in Singapore and worn by celebrities. She was especially proud when Mary Buffet (daughter of Warren Buffet) wore her pearl necklace at an event in Singapore.

What’s next for this wonderfully creative and highly motivated lady? Nothing pleases her more than to go on stages around the world as a motivational speaker and empower more women to live their dreams. Regardless of their circumstances, everyone has the opportunity to create their own success story as long as they have the burning desire to do so. After all, having left the slums of India, hospitalized in an ICU, in a coma for 12 days, suffered a memory loss after an accident and starting her own business, Rohini Nair has much to roar about her own success story.