Ricky Nguyen, Author of Tax Tactics for Mere Mortals, Generously Offers Free Copy of Book for Limited Time

Business growth, tax and financial consultant Ricky Nguyen is recognized as a leader in his field, and his expertise is sought after by many who want to learn the inside secrets and fundamental tax strategies use by those most successful in business.  Now, Nguyen is offering a free copy of his new book, Tax Tactics for Mere Mortals: Business Finance Secrets That Experts Don’t Want You to Know About!, through his website for a limited time.

Tax Tactics for Mere Mortals is a guidebook to building wealth through the intelligent use of tax strategies.  Many of the tips and secrets known to the most successful and wealthy individuals and businesses in Australia are condensed in Tax Tactics for Mere Mortals in a way that makes them easy to understand and utilize.  Nguyen shares insider tips on a broad range of topics, including selling investment property with minimum tax burden; how to protect assets during a divorce or bankruptcy; how to handle foreign earned income; starting a small business; and how to effectively use estate planning methods to minimize tax bills.  The tactics in the book offer ways to stop struggling to succeed and instead build a thriving business and personal wealth.

According to Nguyen, “There are only two things in life that you can’t avoid: paying taxes and growing older. If you can’t beat the hands of time with age, you better be sure to have a chance of beating the tax man.”  Nguyen goes on to say that true success relies upon tax tactics, not tax evasion. Tax Tactics for Mere Mortals is full of practical, solid, clear-cut advice on how to maximize every opportunity within any business to ensure the most profit and the least tax burden.

For a limited time, visitors to https://anaca.com.au/author/ can obtain a free downloadable copy of Tax Tactics for Mere Mortals, a $32 value.  For more information, visit the website.

About Ricky Nguyen:  Ricky Nguyen is a self-made investor and business consultant who focuses his talent on providing ways for business owners to keep more of their hard-earned money through successful tax strategies.