Richard Fletcher’s game-changing “Ecosystem” course launched

While this might sound like familiar pie-in-the-sky, one thing that marks Richard’s coaching out from competitors is the impressive list of high-ticket clients happy to sing his praises in public. Ordinary, ambitious businesspeople trying Richard’s system for the first don’t need to wait long to be convinced, as Fletcher’s main selling point is the startling result of reaching 20K of sales within a month.

A recent client of the Ecosystem approach recently messaged Richard with an issue that many businesspeople dream of encountering. A specialist wedding photographer, who Richard had helped to put his prices up from $1500 to $15 000 (not a typo – the photographer made the thousand percent price hike overnight), was now facing the enviable problem of having too many bookings! The high flying antics of this photographer are viewable online, as he creates stunning photographs in panoramic landscapes from a helicopter.

As well as this happy client, there’s a dating coach landing $10000 of business in a week. A network marketing company that doubled their business immediately. An Amazon seller that’s breaking the 100K barrier in the next six months. All real people, happy to be up-front about these life-changing results.

The six week masterclass is called “The Ecosystem: 42 days to $100k”. The program shows clients how to leverage the power of their own social media, with absolutely no paid adverts whatsoever. The bold claim of “Get clients organically on social media without the use of paid ads” is central to the course, and clients have remarked that they feel as though they have been “given a superpower”. 

Details of the Ecosystem course can be found on Richard’s website: