Relationship Rescue Coach Helps Individuals and Couples Save Long-Term Relationships in their Personal and Professional Lives

Hetherington – who is a licensed wedding officiant and native of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada –

– was meeting with a couple to help them create a ceremony that reflected their shared values and vision for their future.

“I was talking to the couple about the importance of being prepared for marriage and knowing yourself, what you stand for, and what you expect in a relationship before you start your life journey. All of a sudden, the young woman started crying and said she hadn’t thought of these things before,” Hetherington said. “I knew then and there that I wanted to find a way to help prepare and equip people for balanced relationships in every area of their lives.”

The result? Hetherington wrote the award-winning #1 Bestseller in Canada Your Relationship Rescue which helps individuals and couples identify their values in order to be best prepared for success in their long-term personal and professional relationships. Soon thereafter, he founded Relationship Rescue Coach to continue the well-received lessons in the book. Next came the influx of inquiries from organizations who wanted him to share his lessons on a larger scale at large association and business events as well as small group sessions, and private individual or couple sessions that can be short- or long-term.

Relationship Rescue Coach has successfully helped clients and audiences identify areas where they may be sabotaging their relationships and keeping them from having the kinds of relationships they are seeking. He also helps them discover what they value and teaches how knowing what they value helps in all relationships.

During recent interviews on Business Innovators Radio Network and Small Business Trendsetters, Hetherington discussed the evolution of the Your Relationship Rescue Coaching.

“I’ve been a relationship coach and mentor for 30 years; married for 36 years to my wife, Mary; have two children; and founded and ran a successful contracting business for decades. I know the importance of the subject matter I was writing about but I had no idea how strongly the message and lessons covered would resonate with a broad audience,” said Hetherington.

Relationship Rescue Coach has continued to evolve based on client demand. It includes a coaching team of experts in finance, health, wealth management, spiritual life, business and goal planning that clients can access based on their specific needs to ensure the holistic growth process that Hetherington espouses and sets his business apart.

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