Jim Hetherington to the Rescue! He’s Not your Typical Superhero.

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He may not be the stereotypical superhero, but Jim Hetherington has rescued the relationships of more than a few couples. He’s even written the book on it.


Hetherington is the self-professed Relationship Rescue Coach and International Award-Winning #1 Best Selling Author, Your Relationship Rescue. The book helps individuals and couples to identify their values in order to be best prepared for success in their long-term relationships both in their personal or professional lives. In fact, it’s the book that launched an entire side hustle turned vocation for Hetherington, who hails from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.


“I knew the importance of the subject I was writing about but I had no idea how strongly the message and lessons covered would resonate with a broad audience,” said Hetherington, who has been married for 36 years to his wife, Mary, and has two adult children.


The popularity of the book led to an unexpected influx of inquiries from organizations who wanted him to share his lessons on a larger scale and the impetus for a more than full-time business. Today, Hetherington is in all-out caped crusader mode as he spreads his message via a jam-packed speaking engagement schedule of large association and business events and small group sessions for individuals and couples as well as private individual or couple sessions.


And though his broad success in the relationship arena may be recent, he has been a relationship coach, teacher and speaker for over 30 years and is a licensed wedding officiant who helps couples create their perfect ceremony.


In fact, it was during a meeting with one of those couples that the idea for Your Relationship Rescue Handbook took hold.


“I was talking to the couple about the importance of being prepared for marriage and knowing yourself, what you stand for, and what you expect in a relationship before you start your life journey. All of a sudden, the young woman started crying and said no one had told her these things before,” Hetherington said. “I knew then and there that I wanted to find a way to help prepare and equip people for balanced relationships in every area of their lives.”


That year, Hetherington devoted nearly 2,000 hours to further his coaching degrees and studying relationships. He also assembled a coaching team of experts in finance, health, wealth management, spirit life, business and goal planning that clients can be access based on specific needs to ensure a holistic growth process.


Relationship Rescue Coach now helps clients and audiences identify areas that may be sabotaging their relationships and keeping them from having the kind of relationship they are seeking. He also helps them discover what they value and teaches how knowing what they value helps in all relationships.


“When I bring a client on board, I am able to teach, coach and equip them to reach their goals via a clear and systematic approach and a network of supporters,” added Hetherington.


Hetherington believes that right now is the right time for his message. And research seems to back that up. When it comes to relationships, a large-scale study found that among Generation Z participants, 46 percent worried about losing their independence, 43 percent were concerned about having less time to spend on their personal interests or hobbies, 39 percent feared that they would become less fun and more boring and 34 percent were concerned that they’d end up spending less time with their friends or family.


“Can you imagine entering into a long-term relationship with those pre-conceived negative notions? And the effects on that relationship?” asked Hetherington. “Interestingly enough though, this same age group looks very positively on work relationships and how those influence their quality of life. Now imagine helping a couple embrace their personal relationship in that same way? The growth opportunities are exciting and I love being part of helping people see the possibilities!”


Clearly, Hetherington will not be retiring his superhero cape anytime soon. And for that, his clients and audiences around the globe can breathe a collective sigh of relief on their roads to healthier relationships.


(To find out more about Relationship Rescue Coach, go to www.jimhetheringtoncoaching.com. Or contact him directly at jim@yourrelationshiprescuecoach.com.)

Mark Stephen Pooler

Mark Stephen Pooler is a Professional Speaker, International Bestselling Author, host of Business Innovators Radio and contributor to Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine covering Influencers, Innovators and Trendsetters in Business.

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