Regional Leader, Tom Lawrence Of 4Networking On Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Networking Groups

Tom Lawrence, Regional Leader of 4Networking, UK helps small business owners throughout the Yorkshire region in their efforts to grow their network of contacts and attract new clients and leads.

When asked for his perception on why a lot of business owners play down the importance of networking with businesses outside of their own industry, he said, “It’s a mistake.

One doesn’t know what opportunities are out there if you’re so closed that you don’t see beyond the boundaries of your own industry. There could be people that are not in your industry who you could be working with to help grow your business, there could be people outside of your industry that can help you to do your job better. So there are all sorts of other options that help to broaden your horizons, it helps to broaden your scope.”

Ivan Misner, chairman of the board for the Referral Institute, an international referral training company, echoes Lawrence’s statements on the importance of networking with businesses outside of one’s own industry.

Misner elaborated, “This is critical, no matter what groups you end up participating in–remember that it’s not called “net-sit” or “net-eat,” it’s called “net-work,” and if you want to build your business through word-of-mouth, you must “work” the networking groups you belong to.”

This is about networking and requires time and effort to build strong networks. Attending one networking meeting and leaving it at that, may lead to some additional business, but it’s not going to help a business to grow.

It’s important to network outside of business networking groups because it helps to build relationships with contacts made during networking events. Meeting up with someone outside of the group can build rapport, especially if a lead or something that positively affects their business can be shared. It’s always about helping others and receiving help in return.

Additionally, when networking, it’s important to remain natural. Remain open and honest with people and they will reciprocate in the same fashion. Those who try to put on a face lose out really fast. People see right through them, and it’s just all wrong. Remaining true to yourself and people within the network is always the best way to go.

Lawrence continues, “When starting out in business it’s perfectly fine, everyone has to start somewhere, and people respect that.  Avoid trying to make an impression, because folk just see right through it. Those attempting to be something they are not risk aggravating others and losing credibility.”

The business networking group utilized by Tom Lawrence is not just theory, as 4Networking (4N) have been providing networking meetings for small business owners throughout the UK in many industries for years.

“Thanks to Tom for supporting a 4N newbie – he has been a delight to get to know, providing tremendous encouragement and practical advice. Would recommend anyone looking to get the most from 4N to connect up with Tom.” – Jane Coope, The HR Dept. Ltd

“Tom gave me so much useful advice about my business and 4N. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone needing a motivational boost or how to use the most out of your 4Networking Passport. Thanks very much!” – Jon May, Swansea University TV Station

“Tom Lawrence is as professional as he is jolly. From scratch he has built a strong 4Networking region by engaging with, training and supporting excellent teams. Working with Tom is an absolute pleasure.” – Tamsen Garrie, Alpha Associates

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