Rebecca Ezell, St. Tammany Parish Realtor, Published “The Ultimate Guide To Northshore Real Estate”

Rebecca Ezell, a St. Tammany Parish Realtor, recently published “The Ultimate Guide To Northshore Real Estate: What you Need to Know Before Contacting a Real Estate Agent.” Ezell explains, “The biggest obstacle in buying or selling a home is fear—and that fear usually comes from not knowing what to do. I wrote this book to empower the average person to make confident decisions when it comes to buying or selling a home.”

Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger, echoes Ezell’s thoughts on how information empowers the consumer: “The single advantage you had is gone. You are no longer the gatekeeper. You’ve lost your monopoly on
the information, and it’s never coming back.”

Reader Alicia Gomez writes, “Reading Rebecca’s book opened my eyes to what really goes on behind the scenes in real estate. I highly recommend anyone considering buying or selling a home read this book.” Vera Fugler added, “The Ultimate Guide To Northshore real Estate” changed my perspective on how to select a real estate agent. So far I’ve loaned out multiple copies to friends that were thinking about
buying or selling. It’s really that important.” Caleb Folse added, “I can’t believe how naive I was before reading Rebecca’s book! I approached the buying process much differently because of what I learned in the book.”

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