Rearrange With Style Delivers a Knock Out Punch With Stunning Designs

Deb Waters, owner of “Rearrange With Style” (, a leading interior design firm located in Southport N.C.,  knows Southern Coastal Design like the back of her hand. She is a life long learner, highly resourceful and very attentive to her clients. As a result,  her “knock out” punches of stunning interior design continue to delight and amaze her clients.

She says, “More often than not, I am orchestrating interiors for people who have purchased real estate in the coastal areas of the Carolinas and  have never lived in the South before. Some may have  visited long enough to  fall in love with the Southern ambiance, purchase real estate straight away, return North and then plan to build a permanent home here. Many of these  folks were born and bred in Northern states where home design needs and climate influences are dramatically different. Normally, their initial contact is with their builder and builder associates who also provide design advice. Many times, homeowners think that they are saving money by choosing a ‘builder-designer-in-a-box’ solution, only to later lament that they felt that they could have stepped up their home interiors with an alternative point of view by a professional  interior designer.” 

Ms Waters explains, “While the Coastal Carolinas has some wonderful builders, I encourage all prospective homeowners to look beyond the ‘builder-designer-in-a box’ option.  A separate set of professional eyes on one’s  home interior design may reveal some insights into opportunities that will otherwise be missed.”

She continues, “I have a phrase that encapsulates  my goals for a homeowner and that is ‘stunning designs with you in mind’. Summarily, I conduct a rather informal but very important ‘Your Life-Your Home’ assessment with my client. It is there that the client can dream openly about their vision. I use a simple technique to help them elucidate their home interior design vision from which I carefully craft recommended solutions. We then set out to create the home of their dreams.”

Interestingly enough, Ms. Waters adds that  Coastal homes have a heartbeat like no other. She says, “The richness of the Southern ambiance and history is seductive and yet elusive as a concept for many interior designers. As a result, their interior designs become less personalized and perhaps a  ‘cutesy’ interpretation of  the Southern Coastal Living heritage.” She continues, “As a transplanted Southerner myself, I realize how my own perceptions have evolved through the years, coalescing into a better translation of the luxurious leisure coastal lifestyle for clients.”

She says, “There as are some very delightful but clearly distinctive aspects of coastal design that follow the initial  consultation and are tactical in nature. There are also the structural aspects  and I must pay close attention to the ‘bones’ of the dwelling. This attention to detail is followed by a strategic space planning assessment and careful selection of  design anchors which embody elements such as resilient floor coverings, cool coastal colors and other elements that impact the dynamic flow of the room.  The accouterments of core furnishings and home accents come later.  The result is a better overall design that provides  customers a personalized look and sense of well-being in their homes.”

Her years of design experience and creative problem solving have resulted in extraordinary solutions for ‘transplanted Southerners”(among others). These results have underwritten her brand as “trusted” in the home designer milieu of “DIY”  (do it your-self) HGTV viewers, inexperienced “wannabe decorators for hire”, well-intentioned friends and even professional designers who fail to deliver the desired results.  She continues, “I have been called out to rescue homes where ‘self-professed-decorators’  created an interior design debacle, requiring a redesign. Often, firestorm buying trips to large retail home furnishings outlets in North Carolina are not optimized with a concrete design plan and result in buyer’s remorse.  Frankly, it  is not unusual for a homeowner to spend upwards of $20,000 only to discover that they simply did not succeed in creating what they desired.”

She adds, “Summarily,  helping clients create their dream interiors is my passion. I want their homes to be sanctuaries of comfort that are enjoyed, appreciated and admired by them and their guests.

For More Information:

Contact: Deb Waters

Phone: 910. 363.4494

Showroom Visiting Hours:   Wednesday-Friday 10 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

About Deb Waters:

Known as an interior designer who possesses unique insights into the nuances of  Southern Coastal Design, Deb Waters is located in Southport, N.C. and is the owner of “Rearrange With Style”. Her Southport showroom allows customers  the opportunity to see  exceptional home furnishings and decorative accessories. Ms. Water’s  interiors have been featured in some of the finest homes in St. James Plantation.