Realtor Will Northern Discusses Opportunities Presented By Fort Worth’s Urban Villages

Will Northern is a top-producing Realtor and Owner of Northern Realty Group. In this article, he discusses the urban villages in Fort Worth and the unique opportunities they provide to anyone considering buying real estate in the area.

Northern was practically born into the real estate business as his father owned commercial property. He recalls, “I went on a lot of property management field trips where I could see both the opportunities and the challenges of the business firsthand.” Perhaps it was this early indoctrination into the real estate business that has given Northern an upper hand in the Fort Worth market as the success he has experienced in only five short years is without question.

When asked to provide a snapshot of some of the key happenings going on in and around the Fort Worth market, Northern pointed out the rise of Fort Worth’s urban villages. “The city created the urban village concept to promote density, multi-modal transportation and generally, a more healthy lifestyle.” Northern continues, “That is done through increasing the ‘walk-ability’ factor in the villages and decreasing the carbon emissions.”

For those not familiar with the Urban village concept the idea is fairly simple. As Northern explains, “Typically urban villages contain all of the ingredients listed above. Because there is density a public transportation system can be supported, ideally getting cars off the streets.” Northern adds, “The mixed uses provides a variety of shopping opportunities and a ‘hub’ or central place to go. The local and small businesses also tend to thrive and this allows local dollars to be recycled back into the community.”

This sounds very appealing to the average resident of Fort Worth but as a Realtor, Northern has an additional perspective on the urban villages. “Home buyers can choose to live a healthier, more urban lifestyle within one of the city’s 16 urban villages. It should be noted that the city helps to create these villages by providing the appropriate mixed use zoning regulations and offering incentives to promote private growth.” Northern summarizes, “Home buyers should seriously look into these areas as these incentives can be quite appealing.”

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