Real Estate Entrepreneur Hunter Thompson Makes His Mark as an Author

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Hunter Thompson, a highly reputed real estate investment expert, is now making his name as an author. Hunter’s real estate investment guide named “Raising Capital for Real Estate” has recently become Amazon’s number one international bestseller. This 260 page book is all about attracting investors, establishing credibility, and funding real estate investment deals.

Hunter is the founder and Principal of Asym Capital, a technology enabled private equity firm that helps accredited investors passively invest in recession-resistant real estate. Since its inception, the firm has helped more than 300 investors allocate capital to over 100 properties. Hunter has personally raised more than $25mm in private capital and controls more than $75mm in commercial real estate. He has been featured in Forbes, Globe St., Inside Self-Storage, as well as a variety of other media news outlets, podcasts, and radio shows.

“Raising capital is the single most sought-after and lucrative skill in the entire real estate sector. It’s the one skill that, if truly mastered, can ensure you’ll always have a place in the world of investment real estate.” Hunter mentions. “Thankfully, there has never been a better time to create a highly scalable system that allows you to attract the right investors, build relationships through your initial correspondence and supplemental educational content, and motivate others to invest in your offerings for years to come.”

In Hunter’s book, the readers will learn about displaying the key momentum indicators to inspire high-performing real estate mentors, creating 100 pieces of education content in no time, conducting compelling recorded webinars which motivate investors, creating a beautiful offering deck, interacting like an expert during an investor call, the phrases to use when establishing a large investment commitment, and much more.

Recommending Hunter’s book, one of world’s leading experts on sales, raising capital and negotiation and the author of author of Pitch Anything and Flip the Script, Oren Klaff said, “Raising Capital for Real Estate will move you five years ahead in a single read. The content-rich chapters and true-to-life stories of securing real estate investors give you guidance from a top real estate pro who has mastered capital raising, easily the most important skill in real estate. Read it!”

To help and support real estate investors, Hunter Thompson also conducts the Cash Flow Connections Real Estate Podcast. In this popular program, Hunter interviews some of America’s leading investors, authors, sponsors, and managers to provide insights into the world of commercial real estate. This podcast has already featured the likes of Grant Cardon, Jim Rogers, Tom Woods, Oren Klaff, Cameron Herold, Robert M. Murphy, Doug Casey, and many others.

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