Real Estate Coach Andy Herrington, Powerhouse Coaching, Inc. Teaches Realtors The Secrets Of Selling

Real Estate Coach and Realtor, Andy Herrington, Owner of Powerhouse Coaching, Inc. based in Ontario, Canada teaches North American Realtors the real secrets of selling. Andy Herrington was a member of three top producing teams before becoming a full time Real Estate Coach in 2008. The teams that Andy was a member of averaged over 350 transactions per year and placed #1 on the Toronto Real Estate Board five times.

As a Business and Real Estate Coach, Herrington has worked with a wide variety of clients, from those who already had a team to newer agents in the business. He has had clients from all over Canada and the US in markets as small as 10K people and as big as 5 million. Herrington is a recognized expert in Organizational Systems, Phone Scripting, Lead Generation, Business and Team Building whose expertise has been sought by the media. He regularly writes and contributes articles about Real Estate to several international publications. He is also the Author of Powerhouse Selling: How to Double your Income by Becoming a Phone Specialist (2013).

Powerhouse Selling is a book that takes Realtors step-by-step through the process of selling including addressing the mindset needed. Told from a Real Estate perspective, the book serves as a guide to help anyone (not just Real Estate Salespeople) become much more effective on the telephone. Herrington coaches Realtors to take the money they are already spending on leads and strategically use it to increase their return on investment. His book is available online at Amazon. Herrington also offers Powerhouse Dialing – Script Book (2013) which is an add-on workbook style resource offering Realtors the words to use on the phone while trying to convert leads into face to face appointments.

“One of the things that I recommend to Brokers is for them to ask their offices to allow Real Estate Coaches to come into the office and teach these skills.” He explains, “When I first got into the business, I got the common advice new Realtors are given, ‘Ask for and get referrals from your family and friends’. That didn’t work very well for me…I got into the business when I was young. I tried all the little traditional ways of finding Real Estate business…I did some cold calling, some door knocking…with some success. But, really my strength was in the telephone and my ability to communicate using technology. He adds, “I also found that being able to create and convert Internet leads into business was a key skill that most Realtors are still struggling with today.

Today, Herrington offers customized and highly personalized coaching for Realtors. He works with each person in person or online and together they look at all aspects of the business and “put out fires” as well as identifying what is working and creating a structure that works for that person according to their personal sales goals. “At the end of the day, we look at how do we make more money without spending anymore.”

Amy Flowers, a Broker with Royal Lepage Meadowtowne Realty explains, “Andy’s customized approach to coaching allows me to focus on what I believe is important. He always has a fresh take and together we create quality systems in all areas of the business. There are many different aspects that go into running a successful team and Andy has helped us with all of them over the past few years. From who and how to hire staff to recruiting and maintaining great sales people, this is just the beginning of his in depth knowledge of the entire process.” Drew Woolcott, a Sales Representative with Re/Max and Coaching client adds, “Over the period I worked with Andy I enjoyed 30 to 40 percent growth in profitability that I do not believe would have happened in his absence.”

Herrington explains, “Most of my clients come to me for help improving what we call their ‘conversion’ rate. (That is, from a person looking for a Realtor to the finalized sale or real estate transaction.) Realtors are overwhelmed with programs, systems and ‘widgets,’ but most have trouble deciding which ones will actually help them make money.” Herrington specializes in helping Realtors learn how to focus their efforts in a way that cuts through all of the noise and creates a plan to increase their profits and streamline their efforts.

For more information about Andy Herrington visit his website at: or via LinkedIn. Herrington also keeps a blog at: with tips for realtors to increase their income and create a more efficient real estate business.