Real Estate Agents Discover How to Attract More Clients at Personal Branding Mastery Seminars

Nashville, TN based marketing and branding consultant, Tim Davis educates and empowers Real Estate Agents to attract more referrals through his Personal Branding Mastery Seminars.

“In a highly competitive marketplace, the need to create your distinct personal brand and value proposition has taken center stage for agents who want to position themselves as the local authority,” said Tim Davis, The Marketing Evangelist. “Our seminars educate and empower agents in a very systematic way on how to establish their credibility, authority and influence so they can attract and assist more clients through the buying and selling process.”

Personal branding has been a hot topic for real estate agents in recent years as the agents often find themselves competing for a smaller pool of qualified buyers and sellers. As demand for housing has increased, so has the number of individuals becoming licensed Real Estate Agents.

“It’s not uncommon for several Real Estate Agents to be at the same networking event looking to meet prospective clients and referrals. This can be a big problem for the agents who don’t show a clear reason to choose them over the competition,” stated Tim Davis. “At our Personal Branding Mastery seminars, the agents learn how they can create a crystal clear message as to why they would be the agent the client would want to hire on the spot.”

In his book, Crush It, Gary Vaynerchuk talks about your personal brand in the business world being all you have today and to take great care in not just developing your brand, but also maintaining your brand at a high level. Tim agrees that in today’s world of online and offline media people will form an opinion about you and that can either be good or bad.

“The key to personal branding is that you get to make a strategic decision of the opinions or perception you want people to develop about you,” said Tim.

“We call Tim ‘The Marketing Evangelist’ because what he preaches about marketing and branding has literally doubled our business,” said Tammy Coleman a Real Estate Professional who has attended many of Tim’s seminars.

“All I can say is WOW! I attended one of the Personal Branding Mastery seminars in Jackson, Mississippi and walked away with a ton of actionable plans!” said Dee C Denton a Real Estate Agent, speaker, and founding member of the John Maxwell Team

The ideas and education at a Personal Branding Mastery seminar are not theories. They are the exact strategies Tim personally used to establish his influence and build a referral based business. The seminar covers a variety of topics from developing your image and crafting your unique selling proposition to producing educational content such as your own published book.

It’s also important to note that you will not only be educated at the seminar, but also entertained. Tim has been known to wear his “paintball” splattered coat and matching pants to prove being different can be a good thing in business.

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