Raven Blair Glover, a.k.a. Raven the Talk Show Maven, Queen of Interview Marketing & Conversion, and Founder & Producer of “Amazing Women and Men of Power” Reveals the Stories Behind Her Success

According to Raven, what she learned early on from her own mentor was “the quickest way to become an expert is to go out there and interview experts.”

Raven said, “Find a niche that you are passionate about and then go out there and interview people that have paved the way.”

When host Clarence Fisher asked “How did all this get started?” Raven candidly revealed that she loves sharing her story because “…a lot of people think that I come from a strong background, went to school for years … and studied broadcasting, and it’s so not the story…”

Raven told Clarence that she thought about what she wanted to do most and went out there, found her niche, and started doing just that.

Raven The Talk Show Maven is a former CNN and CBS Radio personality, founder and producer of the Amazing Women Of Power positive programming iTunes radio station, and publisher of “Amazing Women” magazine.

She is the recipient of the 2016 President Lifetime Achievement Award, the Global Women’s Outstanding Leadership Award, and the Giant Community Award.

Raven has an impressive roster of interviews under her belt, plus a burning desire to expand her reach as a digital influencer and share her experience and expertise by mentoring aspiring “talk show-preneurs” through her seminars and courses.

“Now here’s the irony of everything,” Raven shares, “I used to sneak into the neighborhood radio station WJMO at the age of 13. So … that seed was planted early in my life… And I used to want to be a teacher…educator, I wanted to train people…So here I am now, proudly at 67, and I’m doing all those things.”

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