Randy Stanbury Stays Out Front In A Changing Shipping Industry

For Randy Stanbury, President at Service Freight and number one best selling collaborative author on Amazon, shipping is big business. And not just because Stanbury’s company is already positioned as a food industry shipping leader that continues to grow, but because Randy Stanbury has his eye to the future. The most important thing to his business’s success? According to Stanbury, “Staying on top of what’s new and what’s current and where things are going.”

“I see some real serious, serious changes and disruptions coming in the trucking world and my intention is to be at the very forefront of that,” Stanbury continues. “The very first autonomous truck is on the road as of today, and that’s so recent.”

If Stanbury’s predictions come true, automated shipping will redefine the way that freight is moved around the world, with self-driving trucks soon dominating the roadways of major shipping lanes. In the near future, that won’t eliminate humans from trucking routes altogether, though. Stanbury notes that humans will still need to ride along to “manage some of the roadblocks” that come up in long-haul routes, like when snow storms or road obstacles slow down the pace of freight.

So why should shipping and freight leaders pay attention to automation trends, and get educated fast? From a personal perspective, Stanbury sees huge potential in self-driving trucks to shake up the industry. He says that today’s is a “pretty exciting time for the fact that we’ve had an extreme driver shortage over the last number of years and it’s not getting any better.”

If his prognosis sounds optimistic, that’s because Stanbury sees a lot of opportunity in the changing winds of food transportation and shipping. Not that growth will come easy, or be a guarantee: Stanbury sees adaptability and education as the best hope for his business and industry moving forward. “It’s crucial that we as CEOs, presidents, managers, high executives that we know what’s being disrupted out there and how close it is to disrupting us, and viewing those tips and insights as to how we can disrupt ourselves before we actually get disrupted,” Randy advises his peers.

Stanbury is currently developing two breakthroughs that are sure to disrupt the trucking industry when they are ready for launch.

And if Randy Stanbury’s view of changing industries sounds familiar, that’s because it has been echoed by business leaders for generations. Fellow shipping executive, a FedEx founder Fred Smith, has advice for CEO’s that echoes Stanbury’s message. “Leader’s get out in front and stay there,” Smith says. And in the world of shipping and food transportation, Randy Stanbury is doing everything he can to stay out front.