Quanta D. Begins The “Spotlight On Natural Health” With Author Will Jiang

Author and  Researcher William Jiang kicked off a new series of interviews by Quanta D. for Business Innovators Magazine titled “Spotlight on Natural Health” recently. Quanta D. chose to invite William Jiang to open the Spotlight on Natural Health series with a discussion of the topic: Natural Mental Health. The introduction of the series explains why Quanta D. decided to place a “spotlight” highlighting Natural Health. Quanta D. says, “A historically defining upswing in the trending of sales, practice, awareness and even education in the industry of Natural Health shows exponential growth – the kind of growth that becomes a living staple, a ‘natural’ way and approach to life and living.”

William Jiang’s published work, Guide to Natural Mental Health, covers a broad spectrum of common Mental Health illness from Depression to Anxiety and also Bi-polar Disorder, to the newly termed “Digital Addiction,” said to be coined by William Jiang himself, likewise covers an array of mental health disorders that are bred from the new era of technological millennium. William Jiang applies his extensive research into a guide of natural health solutions that have shown to be effective in the alleviation of symptoms of a wide variety of Mental Health disorders. Jiang, a former Medical Librarian at Columbia Psychiatry, New York State Psychiatric Institution, also worked with former American Psychiatric Association President, Jeffrey Lieberman and also worked with the current Head of the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein. Jiang cites working for the former APA President, Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, as an honor. “He’s quite stellar, and amazing, he humbles me, this man. He’s quite an amazing researcher and all-around decent human being,” said Jiang.

In the first of the Quanta D. Spotlight on Natural Health interviews, William Jiang keys into more than discussing his career, Jiang covers current statistics of the state of Mental Health in the United States and the world, as well as his professional opinion, as a Master Researcher, of what could potentially take place on a broader scale of Mental Health policy. Jiang’s discussion with Quanta D. also pushes to see a decline in growing Mental Health disorders and is hopeful of greater attention of legal policy to be enacted to better assist people with Mental Health disorders.

The Quanta D.interview for Business Innovators Magazine with William Jiang was covered by Ms. J., Journalist for Quanta D. and Business Innovators Magazine.

To learn more about the work of Master Researcher and Author, William Jiang, visit William Jiang’s website.

For more on the Spotlight on Natural Health by Quanta D. and William Jiang’s interview, go to Quanta D. for Business Innovators.

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