Publisher Mark Kovalsky Is Bringing Neighbors And Businesses Together In Port St. Lucie

Local businesses have a difficult task wading through the jungle of “me too” marketing options for crafting proper messaging to the proper audience. It seems like the only viable option is either screaming call-to-action advertising aimed at coupon clippers or expensive pay-per-click Internet platforms that can quickly dissipate local budgets. Until now.

Mark Kovalsky with Best Version Media is uniting highly targeted select neighborhoods with local businesses using  a variety of very powerful marketing techniques all packaged in a high quality format that gives new life to a print medium that’s quietly been building its engagement and impact.

“We all know that with Internet marketing the honeymoon is over – the marriage may not be over, but the honeymoon certainly is. It’s too crowded and scattered with a real level of disengagement; local businesses are having a hard time finding their local market on the web. Many businesses just aren’t aiming for coupon clippers, they’re looking for customers who want high quality merchants that offer value,” explains Kovalsky. “What I’m bringing to local businesses is an opportunity to connect with a micro-targeted audience using a social media platform in a glossy high quality print neighborhood magazine. This offers local businesses a solid platform to consistently build their brand by name recognition sponsorships, content marketing and subtle call to actions over and over. Brand building should be imperative to every business because brand identity gives a business clout in the market.”

Kovalsky publishes high quality neighborhood monthly magazines that not only feature resident families on the cover, but also acts as the social hub listing for local events and activities, HOA news, neighborhood classifieds and even editorials from residents themselves. Each magazine is tailored to the culture and atmosphere of the neighborhood itself, along with the right mix of sponsorships and expert contributors, which is why each magazine boasts an 89% read rate.

“What makes our magazines so appealing to sponsorships is that we offer local micro-targeting to select affluent neighborhoods that merchants want to target. Our magazines get read by the residents and stay around the home as a result of not only wanting to learn about their neighbors on the cover, but also for the informative content marketing provided by high quality local merchant expert contributors. Plus, we ensure that local events, theatre plays, concerts, festivals or any happenings in the community are always included in every issue. There is no other means by which a merchant can get inside those communities at such a comfortable level like we can, and that’s the value we have to offer,” explains Kovalsky.

Best Version Media is about building relationships not only between neighbors, but also between neighbors and local businesses. Businesses can build their brand and trust to a very specific audience without getting lost in a crowded marketplace, while neighborhood residents will become aware of merchants who provide the services they need.

“It’s no wonder that our CEO and co-founder Dave Durand has named us the Facebook ™ and Craigslist™ of print. We have so much to offer our neighborhoods and businesses it’s really a win-win for everyone,” says Kovalsky. “Our magazines are a proven business model that works time and time again in every local market that we have a presence in. The value and staying power of high quality social media and content marketing in print is becoming the new paradigm in bringing neighbors and businesses together.”

To learn more about becoming a neighborhood sponsor in the Port St. Lucie, FL area call Mark Kovalsky at (772) 206-0286 or send him a message at You can also visit: