Professional Speaker Christopher Carter: Public Speaking And Reading People

Christopher Carter is a professional speaker with more than 20 years of ongoing speaking experience. He specializes in providing insight and information on reading people, including non-verbal language or cues that people have that indicate what they may be thinking or feeling. Carter shares information about his experiences and offers tips on how others can use these cues to create better instances of dialogue. He is the author of “Student Body Language” and shares a unique perspective.


Entertainer to Speaker


Carter began his professional life as a mentalist entertainer. He says he doesn’t read minds but because of his ability to read people it made him appear to read minds. He was often asked to teach others how to do this. After realizing the value that learning to read people can offer to others in the real world, he began offering educational opportunities for individuals to learn how to read others. He now speaks to audiences on how to use body language, also called non-verbal language, to do their job more effectively.


For example, he teaches sales groups how to use their body language to be more likable. He teaches customer service reps how to create instant connections with clients by using these non-verbal skills. He shows teams how to work more effectively together. He teaches these through seminars and keynotes.


Keynote Speeches are a Common Service


Carter says he often “comes out strong” during keynote speeches with sales people and does a routine that showcases non-verbal skills. He talks about how effective it is to use the skills. These interactive events help to teach people key skills on how to use non-verbal communications. The event is high energy and he shares practical advice and guidance to those who can then apply this technique back to their day to day jobs. These skills are instantly available to these individuals to use right away.

Body language needs to communicate likability, since people buy from those they like, and credibility, for sales people. These two key areas are very different though, so Carter teaches individuals how to work between these two areas to gain the trust and the confidence necessary. Carter says that authoritative body language often occurs when a person makes gestures with the palms down and is in a more upright position whereas friendly body language is more relaxed and leaning into the other person.


Getting His Start as a Professional Speaker and Entertainer


Carter listened carefully to the people he worked with and often asked them what they wanted to know about body language. Eventually, he realized that people wanted this information. He notes he got his start when a woman, struggling at work to be taken seriously, asked how she could change that. He helped her learn how to stand with confidence with her head up, facing forward and how to gaze at people in the right way to give off the right level of confidence. Within a week, she had significantly different experiences at work.

He learned and grew his skills and knowledge from academics. After studying and researching, he was able to pull together all of the science to create an effective practice, which is what he shares with others.

Carter isn’t teaching people something they don’t know. Rather, body language is very much an instinctive quality, something people do without thinking about it. What he teaches, is how to realize what is happening and how to take control over it to achieve the desired result. He offers a question and answer session as a part of his seminars and this is where he feels he makes the biggest difference in the lives of those who interact with him.

To help accomplish this, he has a range of educational materials in the works including a new book called “Power Listening.” The book is focused on using non-verbal communications in a business environment to enhance the outcome of interactions. He also offers information and resources to visitors of his website: Anyone is welcome to learn more about him and what he has to offer.