Poetry Book “Inside Invisible” By Kristina Jacobs Published December 2015

The Next Level Publishing recently published the poetry chapbook, Inside Invisible, by author-owner and poet Kristina Jacobs. The new chapbook is currently available exclusively at Amazon.com. The collection explores alternate realities and other worlds. It includes the poems: “Night-time”, The Road Home, King of the Blackbirds, Wake up-Wake up-Wake up, In Between the Layers of the World, To Stand Witness, Message in the Window, Christmas Magic, Universal Healing, Calling Myself Back into Me, Belief, Messages and Guides, Chasing Ordinary, Blackbird Bend, Inside Invisible, We All Grow Here and The Lone Oak Stands.

Kristina Jacobs lives in Minnesota. Inside Invisible is her forth poetry chapbook. Her previous chapbooks are Grey Weir, The Wildwood Guardian and Slipshod Mornings & Meandering Midnights. When asked why she writes poetry she shared that she once kissed the Blarney Stone which seems to have sealed her fate, compulsively ruled by her pen.

Inside Invisible is available in ebook format now with plans to release a print version February 29, 2016, in honor of Leap Year. The Inside Invisible ebook is now on sale at Amazon for .99 cents.

To get your copy, visit: http://www.amazon.com/Inside-Invisible-Kristina-Jacobs-ebook/.

Her company, The Next Level Publishing also released an additional special chapbook on New Year’s Day 2016 called Dawn After Dusk. The collection explores themes of light and growth.

As a poet, Kristina Jacobs writes free verse and is a member of several online writing and poetry groups who share and critique each other’s work. Her work also appears in online poetry-based literary journals, most recently in Dead Snakes and forthcoming in Leaves of Ink and Esoteric Meditations Magazine March issues.

According to Jacobs, Inside Invisible and Dawn After Dusk grew out of personal projects. Jacobs explains, “In 2015, I had a bad case of ‘the shoemaker’s children have no shoes;’ I spend a lot of time at my publishing company writing and editing for small businesses and other people, after awhile I realized it had been three years since I’d done a book of any kind with my own creative work. I set a goal to start writing for myself again, even if it was just a few minutes a day in between larger book projects done for my business. The result was a lot of poetry and two new chapbook collections just in time for 2016!”