Pinecrest Schools Canyon Country Campus Director Rosa Pedvin Shares Why Canyon Country Is So Unique

Pinecrest Schools offers a great education at an affordable price for students living in Southern California. With eight different campuses, Pinecrest has a lot to offer families with children from Kindergarten to middle schools.

As one of Pinecrest  Schools campuses, the Canyon Country campus strives to maintain a higher level of learning while maintaining small class sizes. This allows them to successfully capture the learning style of the individual child.

They pride themselves on creating an environment that promotes healthy study habits. These study habits will offer the student the tools necessary to help them succeed throughout their educational milestones.

Lisa Williams:          Hi this is Lisa Williams with Local Online Visibility and I’m with Rosa Pedvin from Pinecrest Schools in Canyon Country.

Lisa:   Hi Rosa, what is your title?

Rosa:  I’m campus director here at a Canyon Country

Lisa:   Excellent and how long have you been with Pinecrest?

Rosa:  I’ve been with them over 25 years.

Lisa:   Wow!  When you think of Pinecrest Schools what comes to mind?

Rosa:  The word family comes to mind. The fact that we are so consciences as to what the need of every child is. I appreciate the family environment and I appreciate the reputation we have in community and what we do with our students day-in day-out.

Lisa:   What special events and programs do you offer in Canyon Country?

Rosa:  We offer several special events. We have a national and junior honor society. They are in our Middle School program and focus on grades six through eight. We have special visitors who come in and we focus on our middle school students by really being in tune as to what is active and important in their lifestyles. This ranges from information being delivered by a police officer about online activities to activities involving the community such as Action Counselling which helps our students understand the importance of staying away from drugs and what it would affect in their future plans.

Lisa:   Any other special events?

Rosa:  We recently had our Literature Fair. Our students wrote and illustrated their own book and the books were published. From that creation we put together a Lit Fair so the students can showcase what they have done with their book. They are not just writing their book and getting it published but also they get to explain during the book fair what it took to create the book, and what was the meaning behind the book. It is presented to the parents in a form that shows what the publication’s purpose was. It is exciting for kids, because they like to see their books published.

Lisa:   Excellent. That is very unique. Would you say that is one of your school locations unique offerings?

Rosa:  I would say it is. It is something unique and again focusing on just being able to address the ability of every child, a project like this really attacks that. It doesn’t matter what your levels of writing or illustration are so everyone came out with a positive attitude because it was completely geared towards your abilities.

Lisa:   Rosa, what would you like prospective parents to know about your school?

Rosa:  I would like them to know that communication is very important here. We never want you to have challenges if you are trying to talk to your child’s teachers or the administration. We want to be able to help you with any questions or concerns that you might have. I have an open door policy in my office at all times, whether it is teachers, staff, parents or children, the communication is necessary, and that helps create an environment that is positive for our students, but also for anyone who comes through our doors.

Lisa:   Excellent. So as campus director how would you define your school?

Rosa:  I would say in regards to keeping our family environment which is important, we would also want to capture the learning abilities of each and every child with our exceptional curriculum and outstanding programs I feel we accomplish that in going above and beyond to make sure every child feels a level of success at our school.

Lisa:   Excellent. Thank you for your time.

The Canyon Country campus offers a large panel of classes from kindergarten to middle school. Curriculum includes Art, languages, science, sports, and many other specialty classes.

Registration can be made any time all year long. Students must undergo a quick interview and test to see their abilities.

The campus is located at 16530, Lost Canyon RD, Canyon Country, CA. More information is available online at   Visit our campus at 16530 Lost Canyon Rd, Canyon Country, CA 91387.