Phobia Guru Helps People Overcome Life-Limiting Fears

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Phobias and fears don’t stand a chance when they encounter Adam Cox. Referred to as the Phobia Guru, this psychologist and hypnotherapist has earned a reputation as the UK’s leading expert on eliminating common anxieties. And there is no shortage of need for his services.

In the United Kingdom alone, many prominent health organizations¹ estimate that there are more than eight million cases of anxiety a year.  Those fears are associated with a threat of something that could go wrong or is happening – and are commonly associated with things like spiders, certain animals, heights, flying, public speaking, closed in spaces and more. But Cox wants to reverse those growing numbers.

And for Cox, it’s personal.

“Throughout my late teens and early 20s, I experienced crippling anxiety and suffered from social phobia, fear of heights, fear of public speaking and agoraphobia – to the point where I could not leave my home,” said Cox. “I had so many phobias that had I sought medical validation of my anxieties, I’d have been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder.”

“I like to say that I was my own first client,” he added.

Cox set out on a journey to beat his phobias and after several years and hundreds of hours of research and testing various techniques on himself, he not only cured his fears but came up with a system to rapidly cure others and launched his company, Phobia Guru

“I went from having a fear of heights to jumping out of airplanes; from a phobia of public speaking to becoming a professional speaker to audiences of hundreds; and from having social anxiety to doing stand-up comedy at open mic nights,” he said. “I became so skilled at dealing with my own phobias quickly that I developed a one-appointment breakthrough session so I could help as many people as I could.”

He now offers 90-minute sessions at his Harley Street practice and says he can eliminate most phobias in a single visit. He also offers a seven-day phobia removal system, unlimited session packages, an online course, and works internationally with clients via Skype and phone. A free 45-minute video is even offered on his website so that potential clients have a thorough understanding of how phobias come to be and why they can be conquered.

“Phobias can be life-limiting and even debilitating. And there are typically much bigger issues at play that can be readily overcome with support and informed therapies,” Cox said

Cox has helped cure hundreds of clients, including celebrities like Cleo Higgins, former lead singer of the band, Cleopatra and a finalist on BBC’s The Voice and international actress, Serena Marija, whose bird phobia was eliminated in under 60 minutes. The examples of his successes are many and his website includes dozens of glowing video testimonials including one from a woman who had experienced childhood trauma who overcome a crippling fear of spiders in one session.

“Once clients break through a particular fear, they know all fears are temporary and are empowered to deal with any future challenges. And when that happens, the world becomes a very exciting place full of opportunities,” added Cox. “I’m honored to be able to play a role in helping them discover that.”

For more information about Adam Cox, the Phobia Guru, and his phobia-ending sessions, go to

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