Philippe Choplin Manhattan & Brooklyn Real Estate Agent – Are Real Estate Agents and Brokers Still Needed?

Today technology and the Internet have changed the role of the real estate agent. Information is found easily and more quickly. This has made it easier for real estate agents to get the job done more quickly. They have many roles today as the agent, negotiator, sales rep, and community resource for information. Technology has shifted the role of the agent from someone that provides information to someone that must be a market expert and negotiator for the client.

Clients today are more knowledgeable and know what they are looking for. About 80% of home owners and buyers purchase and sell their home through real estate agents. This is because of the training and expertise they provide in the market. Although technology makes information more available to customers real estate agents are still needed to respond to customer needs.

Philippe Choplin, a real estate agent for Douglas Elliman Real Estate works in New York City, Brooklyn and Manhattan. He says there are many myths about the value real estate agents bring to clients and reasons why they are still needed. From his work he still sees the value that a good agent brings to clients.

” The first thing I always do, even if they don’t ask the question, is explain how the selling/buying process works. The second thing is I explain how we get paid. The last thing is I explain what we do because today with internet, you can do a lot of things through internet. For example, many people can find all the apartments or the homes for sale by themselves. That’s why now is the question, Why should they work with a real estate agent if they can find everything on internet? ” said Philippe Choplin.

Real estate agents today work with a large network of agents and have access to information that the buyer or seller do not have. When customers are working full time the agent can find homes, condos or apartments that meet their criteria. They can make appointments for you to view properties that would be hard for clients to make on their own. Real estate agents have training in negotiating deals and dealing with conflict. They can resolve conflicts that could jeopardize a good deal. Real estate agents can help in a tough transaction keeping it professional.

” Everyone should know that when a real estate agent is good, he/she will bring them value. When they sell, he/she will help them sell faster and sell at a higher price. When they buy, he/she will help them get prioritized and get the apartment they want to buy at the right price…” said Philippe Choplin, New York real estate agent.

Contracts are not that easy to handle and real estate agents are trained in representing the client’s best interest. When the buyer want repairs or to back out your real estate agent helps handle these tough situations. They are licensed and bound by law to act in the client’s best interest.

In New York City, most home sellers are represented and the commission is negotiated and contracted with the seller’s agent who is in charge of marketing the home and maximize the value to the seller. That is the reason why every buyer should also be represented by a buyer’s agent who will defend their interest and get paid by a share of the seller’s agent commission.

These are some of the many reasons real estate brokers are still important to buyers and sellers in 2017.

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