PetBiz Profits Reveals New TV Network For Pet Businesses And How To Own A TV Channel On It

Brian Richards, CEO of PetBiz Profits, says his firm has uncovered a new traffic platform that can quickly put a pet business in front of millions of targeted TV viewers every day.

Richards says, “In an early test, a member of the team created a dog training TV channel. This is an extremely competitive niche overall, yet within a few weeks of the opening of the new TV channel, we were able to secure 54,838 subscribers and new leads.”

“This is such a powerful new method of marketing,” continues Richards, “Clients have said it is a way out of the usual complicated marketing confusion.”

What drives this brand new opportunity for pet businesses is the explosion in On Demand streaming TV. However, up until months ago, the obscure programming needed to get onto the On Demand TV platforms could typically cost over $100,000.

“Our software partner has recently created new proprietary TV channel software,” explains Richards. “This allows us to get your TV Channels on Roku (and soon Amazon Fire TV) for a fraction of that cost.”

PetBiz Profits is offering a new service, with a low cost of entry, including TV Channel Development, Production and Set Up. A pet business can be on TV quickly, enjoying celebrity-like exposure and being seen alongside other channels like YouTube, Netflix and Disney.

As compelling as this offer is by itself, PetBiz Profits is going a step further, releasing this TV Channel service with a second element. This is a valuable $70,000 bonus package of premium marketing services, customized for pet businesses.

These additional services will be included for free for the first 10 pet businesses who sign up.

“Even though the quality and sheer breadth of this extra bonus package is mind-boggling for pet business owners when they first see it,” says Richards, “We have gone even further with a third element.”

“We will also include our proprietary ‘Found Money For Pet Businesses’ Cost Recovery Program.”

Richards explains that this initiative can immediately identify and secure thousands of dollars of cost savings, recoveries and tax benefits for each pet business involved.

“This total offer is a huge bundle of premium services. In fact, we call it our ‘3 Unfair Advantages Bundle’ and so, we can only support one pet business in each US city or town,” states Richards.

“Once that’s taken, the opportunity is gone.”

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