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Alejandro Tornato, the Founder and Director of Alejo Connects, was the special guest in Incite Radio’s popular webcast Business Innovators Radio Show. Alejandro’s company functions as a catalyst for transformational change in the areas of personal growth, connection, leadership, and intentional living. A certified speaker, coach, teacher and trainer for the John Maxwell team, he helps technical business professionals, men and women, become the very best version of themselves and reach their full potential living fulfilling lives.

During the interview with show host Alicia Dibrell, Alejandro revealed that he was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and served his country’s army for one and half years. After leaving the Argentine army, he travelled to England to improve his English language skill and ended up earning his chemical engineering degree from the University of Wales in the UK. Then he moved to the United States, and worked for several chemical engineering companies for a number of years. However, Alejandro’s passion was to speak, teach, train, and help others become their very best versions. As a certified coach, speaker, trainer and teacher through the John Maxwell team, this is exactly what he has been doing over the last nine years.

Alejandro works with all types of clients, helping them achieve personal as well as professional growth. However, being an engineer and a clinical person, he particularly enjoys working with technical and professional businessmen and businesswomen. He also spoke about Alejo Connects and discussed the foundation of the programs he offers to his clients.

“The primary foundation of my programs is a very simple one: intentional growth. I heard it many times and I heard my mentor John Maxwell say many, many, many times that if you as the leader, do not grow intentionally yourself, you are incapable of growing or adding value to any other person. Growth begins with you, and then it extrapolates to other people,” he explained.

Alejandro mentioned that he loves working with emerging leaders because there’s a tremendous synergy in the programs that he conducts. His consultation sessions are available both in person as well as over the phone. In this session his clients can share and exchange different things relating to their aspirations for growth. Alejandro offers the first consultation session absolutely free of charge.  

The different services offered by Alejandro include Keynote Speaking and Breakout Sessions, Facilitation and Training, and Presentation Coaching. More details about him and these coaching programs can be found at  

The entire episode of Business Innovators Radio Show with Alejandro Tornato is available at

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