Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney, John I. McMahon, Jr. Advocates For Treatment Versus Jail For His Addicted Defendants

John I. McMahon, Jr. of McMahon, McMahon and Lentz has worked hard for over twenty-four years to defend his clients facing incarceration.  He has learned that the vast majority of these defendants suffer from untreated drug and alcohol addiction, which has often fueled their criminal conduct. He notes that, “Incarceration is still seen as the ‘go to’ solution, even when the individual is suffering from the disease of addiction.”

He further explains that, “A huge percentage of all criminal defendants in the system are substance addicted individuals who require appropriate treatment. We must always zealously advocate for treatment in these cases because the criminal justice system is still greatly uneducated about the disease of addiction.  Prolonged incarceration doesn’t get drug addicts clean or alcoholics sober. Fortunately, the individual will trust their lawyer more than a family member when it comes to these issues so we believe we are in an excellent position to reach our client and then ultimately advocate for our client in court.  We are able to mentor our clients to seek treatment options whenever possible, although such avenues are often limited due to insurance coverage issues, insufficient funds and limited space in drug or treatment courts.  By convincing our client for the need of appropriate treatment, we are able to help them change the destructive course of their lives.  Many of our clients have walked down a new path in their lives once proper treatment is secured.  We also help them to avoid potentially long periods of incarceration which undermines their gainful employment and productivity in society.”

McMahon emphasizes that, “The likelihood of re-offending is dramatically reduced when the client gets clean and sober. We are assisted in our practice by various substance abuse/addiction treatment experts. In cases of sexual addiction issues leading to criminal behavior which is also prevalent, we take the same approach which is often even more challenging. McMahon views his role as not only advocating for his client to the prosecutor and court, but also to counsel the client in taking a good look at themselves in the road they are travelling due to addiction.  Admittedly, the hope of shortening or avoiding incarceration is a motivating force for such individuals.

Owner and Private Therapist at Adolescent Advocates, Patricia McAndrews, MHS, CAADC, LPC says, “John McMahon is an intense, no nonsense, criminal defense lawyer. His success rate is higher than most and he is highly recommended by others in his field of practice. John has been able to talk sense into adolescents that have gotten into trouble and needed more than defense in a court of law. He is tough minded, but compassionate, McMahon is a ‘Win, Win’ in the courtroom and out.”

The bottom line is: long periods of incarceration don’t fix the underlying cause of criminal behavior when it is a side effect of drug, alcohol, or other harmful addictions. In cases such as these treatment should be the first choice, not the last choice.

About John McMahon

John I. McMahon, Jr. has been a trial lawyer for the last twenty six years with a long list of high profile criminal case jury acquittals, including a “Not Guilty” verdict in a recent Lancaster County Death Penalty- First Degree Murder case. He has tried and won jury trials in most of the counties throughout Eastern Pennsylvania. In addition, McMahon has extensive experience and success in handling serious personal injury cases, including automobile accident, premises liability and slip and fall claims. He has obtained substantial settlements/verdicts for his civil clients in excess of six and seven figures.

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