Pamela Pendleton, CEO of Diva Hustle Radio

My name is Pamela Pendleton. I am 40 years old and a single mother of two children. I, like many other women of color raising children in the black community, have met enormous obstacles, closed doors and broken dreams in my pursuit of achievement. Needless to say, I have persevered the adversity blocking my path and continued right along my road to success. I believe whole heartedly that is was by Gods will and constant prayer that I was I able to plant my goals firmly in heart, focus my gaze and develop a keen sense of self awareness. I have been a congratulatory member of Chestnut Hill God Christ for seven years. 

Through my spiritual journey I have discovered a phenomenal strength inside of me that keeps me steady when times are hard, self-worth that assures me of how deserving I am, and a powerful voice that moves mountains which pose a hindrance to my full potential. It is my complete dedication to amending social injustices that helps me keep focus on our black and brown inner- city communities, and every issue we face therein. From gun violence to teen pregnancies, I have made it my priority to raise the consciousness of our people. 

As a single mother, educator and a successful entrepreneur, I have inherited the endless fight for women’s rights to social and economic equality. My dream is to see a day when our rich heritage, history and efforts are recognized as a vital component in a progressive America, an America that sees our color as a strength and not a threat, as we address the concerns of communities nationwide with diligence and urgency. By providing our youth with an exceptional education and resources they so desperately need, we guarantee a strong future for our descendants and their offspring. I know that many would call this an impossible dream, I believe it is a dream that already exist, and awaiting our collective belief in its certainty. By uniting our vast ocean of diverse abilities, I truly believe we will find our rightful places in a society that welcomes our contributions.

When I have spare time, I enjoy volunteering at community events that serve to bring awareness geared towards health-related initiatives. I am an avid supporter of my children little league teams and love to attend their games and matches. I have worked with Philadelphia City Council Congress Cyndi Bash to help clean up local recreation centers. I have participated in church fund raising events and organized events geared towards feeding the homeless.

I have organized and sponsored several community health functions geared towards several different health issues. I donate personal hygiene items, clothes, and food to local homeless shelters. I was an advocate and supporter that brought awareness to Anti- violence against people with intellectual disabilities. I participated and contributed to Pa House Democratic Policy Committee hearing to address the bullying pandemic and their House Bill 2009 to require bullying education across all grade levels.

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