Paige Panzarello Provides A Cashflow Real Estate Investment Opportunity

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Known as ‘the Cashflow Chick,’ Paige Panzarello, a real estate investor, educator, entrepreneur, speaker and founder of the Trillion Group, provides more than monetary backing for the notes of homeowners who aren’t paying on their mortgages. She inspires women of all ages and all walks of life by sharing and promoting the fact that they can do more than balance a household. They can work with finances and investing just like she does with the correct support system in place.

The Trillion Group buys distressed mortgages from homeowners to help them stay in their home, give them peace of mind and hopefully help them make a profit while doing so. She becomes their bank, all while creating a long-lasting relationship.

She combined her passions of helping people and real estate through persistence and hard work. Panzarello was a featured speaker at the IMN Conference, recipient of the award for top educator of the year and has done over 150 million dollars’ worth of real estate transactions.

Being ‘the Cashflow Chick’ comes with more responsibility than just handing out money for nonperforming notes. This lifelong commitment begins as a ‘date’ as Panzarello puts it. She helps investors achieve a monthly cash flow and, in addition, helps them generate larger chunks of cash. She has created her success by doing more than just investing.

For her, it isn’t about the money. She lives by the value of “people first, profit second.” The best part is, she doesn’t discriminate with prospects of who she works with. Man, woman, CEO, or hourly employee, it doesn’t matter. If you have the drive and the willpower, she will work to create a relationship with you. “It’s not about the money; it’s about relationships.”

Before the Trillion Group became what it is today and prior to her 20 years as a real estate investor, Panzarello, by default and inheritance, came to own land, townhomes, and even started her own construction company. When the crash of 2007 hit, she was forced to tell her 36 employees that she couldn’t employ them any longer, and she lost twenty million dollars in the process. In the eyes of an everyday individual, she had hit rock bottom.

Despite her loss, she found herself challenged by the question of how she would get back into real estate investing while mitigating her risk. Even though she was a go-to expert in her field, she was faced with overcoming her fear to start again, her fear of standing her ground, and how to bring herself back into the mindset of success and picking herself up and recovering; things she teaches in her seminars on how to do what she does. She is a firm believer in collaboration and knows that there is enough out there for everyone.

Panzarello’s strength isn’t something she developed overnight. She had to learn the difference between wearing the heart hat and wearing the hard hat and the appropriate times for each. This is something she continues to teach women as she advocates for them to become financially independent and begin the journey into investing.

Having seemingly been on both the top of the world and the bottom, Panzarello can relate to women of all situations. She holds the motto that “successful people are successful because they’ve failed.” In her eyes, the difference between those who have failed and those who succeed is that when you fall down, you get back up stronger and better than ever.

If you are further inspired by Paige Panzarello’s successes, hardships, and her business in general, she holds workshops to give further insight and guidance about getting into the investment field. She built her business at the time where there was no support, and now she has created a support system for those who feel like they can’t do it. Through her strength and success, she inspires women all over who want to build their wealth in real estate.

Her newest project, where she shares the benefit of investing non-performing notes, is an upcoming book Wealth For Women: Conversations with the Team That Creates the Dream, which is scheduled for release in the fall of 2018.

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