Our Connected Lives- Building and Strengthening Skills & Relationships Launches in Kansas City

Our Connected Lives, a company founded by serial entrepreneur and former Regional Security Manager at Sprint, is positioned to bring business success to Kansas City entrepreneurs, small to medium business owners and executives in the “C” Suites. Our Connected Lives understands that businesses that thrive do so because they are “Connected.”

  • Connecting Minds gives entrepreneurs and CEO’s the opportunity to connect through mastermind or round table groups.
  • Connecting Ideas and Opportunities are the lifeblood of the entrepreneur.
  • Connecting Investments allows business owners to leverage the most important collateral they have.
  • Connecting the Dots through seminars, webinars, keynotes and other learning opportunities.

Our Connected Lives brings together all of the strategic and essential elements of success from one on one consultations to large conferences, business coaching and networking. The premise that relationships are the cornerstones for business and all success is the foundation of Our Connected Lives. Cynthia Bazin, President of SmartChic says, “Dan Goodwin is an extraordinary leader and someone who consistently walks the talk in all that he does. As a leader he has very high integrity and a fantastic ability to inspire those around him. He is also an awesome connector. I have met so many amazing people as a result of knowing and working with Dan.” Our Connected Lives plans to launch its first mastermind group in October, along with the release of CEO, Dan Goodwin’s first book, “The Great Win.”

Additional information can be found by contacting Mindy Hart at (816) 679-1281 or by emailing mindy@essentialfoundationsforbusiness.com.