Online Media Strategist Jan Basnar Teaches Businesses The Secrets To Online Success

Training resource Local Buzz Secrets takes entrepreneurs and small business owners from marketing newbie to experts at marketing their own brand online. In this unique training, Jan Basnar and her partners reveal the essential steps a business must achieve to get found online. These steps are revealed in easy-to-follow short lessons in five main areas: search engine optimization, business website, mobile marketing, reputation marketing and social media (eight platforms).

Entrepreneurs go into business to follow their passion, and don’t have much time to spare to learn something new. They typically face other challenges, also, related to marketing online.  Affordability can be an obstacle, as many marketing firms would charge from three hundred to several thousand dollars every month to run the marketing for them, making this service out of reach for many. Lack of knowledge or confusion around a topic, such as how to make Facebook marketing work, often slow down progress and can even deter a business owner from taking action that would benefit them in marketing exposure or sales.

Local Buzz Secrets eliminates these obstacles in several ways that cater to business owners. Each brief lesson covers one topic and one step to complete. Learning and completing one step takes from 20 to 60 minutes. The step is checked off on a spreadsheet. The next time the training is accessed, it is easy to pick up where they left off, whether it was an hour ago or five days ago. Three ways to get questions answered are included in the course; within the training, via email or within a special Google+ group. The training has been priced to make it accessible for any business, even start-ups.

Basnar adds, “This type of education will benefit a business owner for a lifetime. These are the building blocks of an online presence that will last for a long time. Social media and the mobile web are only increasing in size and importance. Every business needs an effective online strategy and presence. Even if you hire a marketing strategist later, you will have a stronger foothold in the conversation and make better informed decisions about where to spend your marketing dollars.”

The training can be completed by a business owner, or by their staff or a family member, who is willing to complete the steps outlined in the brief lessons. Each lesson builds upon the previous steps and the end result can be an online presence that helps a business gain visibility. The entire curriculum is available immediately, in case a business owner wants to complete a particular area right away. All of the instructors are currently practicing marketers who have business clients; one of them is a Microsoft Certified Instructor.

Basnar has been helping business owners since 1987 when she opened a commercial cleaning firm. Her struggles in marketing that company led to a pursuit of knowledge of what works best and what doesn’t when promoting a business. What she learned led to a desire to help other business owners and was a catalyst to establishing her marketing firm.

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