Online Media Strategist, Darren Biddle, Proves Everyone Has a Best Selling Book in Them.

You’ve probably heard the saying, everyone has a book in them but Online Marketing Strategist, Darren Biddle, has taken it a step further by declaring that everyone has a bestselling book in them.

Biddle knows what he is talking about. He and his associates have helped create 10 bestselling authors in the last 2 weeks. Biddle, an authority marketing consultant, says writing a bestselling book is easily attainable for almost anyone.

Biddle says, “We are each experts in some area and everyone has something unique to share that people would want to buy and read.

An article in the New York Times, echoes Biddle by saying, “81 percent of Americans feel they have a book in them — and that they should write it”. Many people want to write a book because they believe they will make money by selling the book.

However, Biddle points out that 95% of books do not make a profit from their sales.

So why would you want to write a book? Biddle explains, “The primary reason that people should write a book is to establish themselves as an expert in their field.

People often say, “I’m not an expert, so how can I write a book?” However, Biddle points out, being an expert doesn’t mean you know the most about your topic but means you know more than most and are willing to share your knowledge and insight with others.

Biddle states, “Most books never sell more than a few hundred copies. The benefit and power of having a book written is not from book sales but from the credibility the author gets from having a book. It tells the world that you are an expert in some specific area.”

Biddle says,“When you add best seller status to your book, the author goes from being perceived as an expert in their field to being viewed as a leading authority in the field. Bestselling book status can get you on stages, can get you more clients, can sell your products, and can position you as a leading expert in your field.“

By leveraging social media, it is now easier than ever to get a book onto the best seller list.

David McGarry, is an author who Biddle and his associates helped achieve best sellers status. McGarry says, “Holy cow! I can’t believe it! #2, 4, 4 (Best sellers) in my categories…Thank you again.”

One of the most common objections Biddle hears from people is they think they do not have the time or writing skills necessary to write a book. Biddle suggests using an interview approach to writing a book.

“It is an innovative and simple way that anyone can quickly and easily use to write a book. It’s one of the ways we use to help clients write a book. We interview you about your knowledge and ideas and then transition the interview into a book.”

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