Online Authority Consultant Ken Korte: Internal Marketing Changes Boost Business Profits

Ken Korte of Seattle, WA knows that the reason most small businesses don’t see the level of success they desire is because they are not standing out enough.

Businesses are finding it harder to stand out from the crowd of competitors in their industry. They don’t know how to effectively market their business in the ever changing marketing landscape. As previous marketing techniques continue to become less effective; how do they influence the decisions of consumers, and have them pick their business over their competitors.

New media outlets are sprouting up all the time and businesses are trying to market their business there, (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and they don’t get the results they had hoped for.  This failure adds to their confusion, and they give up thinking those techniques don’t work.  Adding authority branding, and becoming the expert in their industry will increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

How can business owners thrive, and expand their business?  Becoming a leader in their industry is one way to rise above the noise of their competitors, and having their customers choose them.  “Expressing why they went into business, and how they can help their customers, will present these owners as an authority and leader in their industry”, says Ken.

In a TEDTalk presentation, Simon Sinek echoes this sentiment. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”. Having their customers view them as an authority in their industry will make it easier for consumers to choose them over their competitors. What business owners do is easy for everyone to understand, but why they do it, will win their customers over.

Without increasing the traffic businesses are getting, authority branding, will increase the chance that consumers will pick them.  Most business owners think they need to get more traffic, and customers in order to increase profits.  While getting more customers will increase profits, it is not the only way to do this.  If they get more conversions, (customers choosing them because they are the authority), they have effectively increased their profits.

Consumers today don’t just instantly trust a business owner, they need to know that the owner can help them with their problem.  Becoming the expert in their field, through authority branding,  will earn the consumers trust in their business. “I believe most business owners don’t think they can be called an expert”, Ken Korte says. “Educating their customers is how they can become that authority, and be called the expert”.

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