Ohio Real Estate Expert JT Szabo Committed To Educating First-Time Home Buyers

JT Szabo, a young, upwardly mobile Realtor servicing southwestern Ohio feels that home buyers of his generation generally lack the necessary knowledge to make smart buying and selling decisions. Szabo is well on his way to becoming the de-facto Real Estate expert in the under 35 generation, but the tips and suggestions he offers apply to new home buyers of all demographics.

While still only 28 years old, Szabo brings an interesting and diverse background to his position. A former professional hockey broadcaster and public relations executive, Szabo prides himself on being a tech-savvy, excellent communicator. “My background in marketing and broadcasting has allowed me to be informative and comfortable when discussing often complex or detailed topics relating to real estate or financing,” explains Szabo. “Particularly with many of my clients whom are younger,  inexperienced buyers or sellers.”

When asked to expand upon the subject of younger, less experienced consumers, Szabo explained, “It still amazes me how little is truly known or understood about the real estate buying or selling process.” He continues, “A lot of older clients I have met with may still have the housing bubble and it’s absurd valuations fresh in the back of their minds, subsequently remaining hesitant about moving forward. Yet, I find with many younger or less experienced clients, that fear is mostly non-existent. Instead it is replaced with an absence of knowledge of the process or how to best proceed.”

It is at this point that Szabo and his services are very well positioned to help consumers. “Many of my clients benefit from my ability to educate and inform them quickly and as the process moves along.” Szabo adds, “This education proves to not only provide better results and less worry for my clients, but tends to also improve my ability to receive referrals from those same satisfied customers.”

These days, referrals are coming in consistently for Szabo who is always willing to offer advice to anyone asking him for help. One such nugget he likes to share is something he has learned after many years and a number of successful deals, “The best advice I can give a first time homebuyer starting out their journey towards the ‘American Dream’ is to find a real estate professional they can trust. One who will guide and educate them on exactly what they’re getting into.” Szabo explains, “A real estate transaction is nothing like buying or selling a car. The stakes (and money) are a lot higher, and the legal and contractual obligations can be confusing and unfavorable if you don’t know what you’re doing. Having an expert Realtor by your side will often make the difference between paying too much for too little, or getting exactly what you’re looking for.”

Still considered very young in an industry where the average agent is over 50, Szabo seems to have the best of both worlds at the moment. He can relate well to the younger generation who see him as very similar to themselves. At the same time, older consumers appreciate his professionalism, enthusiasm and obvious dedication to his clients. To learn more about JT Szabo please visit his website at: http://www.JTSzabo.com.