Now Online Show Offers Marketing Hope for Pet Businesses

‘The Pet Biz Profits Show’ is a new weekly online program aimed specifically at helping pet business owners to market their businesses more successfully in ways that can compete against the big box store marketing tactics. 

The aim of the program is to give pet business owners current information about what is working now as well as give unbiased answers to the questions posed by listeners.

Brian Richards and Mark Moxom who are the owners of PetBiz Profits decided to launch this new venture because they saw the need for small and medium size pet business owners to be properly informed about how to use tried and tested marketing methods to be able to compete against these new threats to the industry.

But it is not just for that reason alone. Richards said, “We simply enjoy helping Pet Business Owners and Marketers to get their unique message out to the world. It makes us very, very happy to see someone achieve financial success as a result of the help we give them. There is simply nothing better in business than this feeling.”

The retail pet industry is currently worth in excess of $16 Billion annually and it’s one of the few sectors that have thrived despite the general downward trend in the market over the last few years – something that has not gone unnoticed by the big box stores. Wal-Mart is just one of the major players that have determinedly kept up commercial pressure through offering many of the same goods as pet stores but at slightly lower prices. In order to maintain a competitive edge pet business owners have had to find other ways to make sure that they still offer good value and service to customers. But this is not always easy.

Even some of the medium sized pet businesses are challenged as they don’t have the same type of marketing resources as the big national chains. But they do have other resources such as knowledgable staff. Moxom said, “Independent store and chains offer a level of advice and service that the retail giants simply can’t – they don’t have staff trained in this field. We think it’s important to help pet business owners know how to market to their strengths so that their customers know that saving a few pennies may not be as important as getting the right advice.”

Competition in this sector is increasing and local independent pet businesses also have to contend with the larger specialist pet brands and on line merchants like Amazon.

With the first program now on air pet business owners will be able to access the show through iTunes or through