Next Level Solutions – The Revolution In Business Support Services

Meet the new generation of trailblazers in Business Support Services. Next Level Solutions’ business concept as business performance advisors is sure to revolutionize the way entrepreneurs view how business should be done in order to run a well-oiled machine. Businesses that are in the conceptual phase as well as the seasoned entrepreneur will benefit from this brand of leadership.

Although the concept is new, owners Chris King, Jeff Aucoin, and Shawn Goble are no strangers to entrepreneurship. King’s resume boasts serving as VP, CEO, and CFO before heading up the financial silo of this suite of executive services. Aucoin’s extensive expertise in cost, asset, and project management heads up the Operations silo of the company. Goble manages the CIO silo of the company. His knowledge and experience in IT completes the triangle of this dynamic partnership.

“We each bring different strengths and know-how to the table, and that works to our advantage,” says King. “Make no mistake, we are not a consulting firm that comes in and offers a one size fits all solution. We offer executive level solutions then carry out and execute the tactics to move a business in the right direction, while keeping in mind that the business owner has the final decision. Our goal is to educate our clients in order to have them become self-sufficient. We consider ourselves successful when we work ourselves out of a job,” he adds.

Their strategy is to identify key areas of a business’ pain and create a mechanism that will eliminate the root cause of a problem. Countless small and emerging businesses face many obstacles in growing their organization. Aucoin sees the need for more than one type of expertise in a business. “One individual can’t be all things to a business; not even the owner. Even individual employees within an organization may have special talents that are vital to the success of that business, but should not be seen as the only alternative in the day to day operations of a business.”

Aucoin equates building a business to playing football. “When you are on offense your goal is to score. In business, the score is profit. An offensive team advances the ball down the field ten yards at a time by executing the right strategies and plays to move to the goal. We extract a game plan, create a line of attack, execute, and move our clients to that ‘profit’ goal.”

Their strategies include using key performance indicators as well as ploughing through to find what drives and impacts a company. They observe a company through each of their own individual prisms, convey their unique perspectives, and begin the process from there. Today, information technology (IT) is crucial to the survival of any company no matter how large or small they may be. That’s where Shawn Goble comes in. The tongue-in-cheek self-proclaimed “geek” of the organization appreciates the frustrations that the business owner experiences when dealing with technology.

Having been a successful business owner in the IT field gives him a different perspective than a typical technician. “Most business owners don’t like dealing with IT because they feel intimidated or have had a bad experience with an IT service provider. They just want to do what they do best and let someone else deal with IT. That’s where we come in. We collaborate from a financial, organizational, administrative and technological point of view to bring the best possible solution to our clients. We can offer them services from as little as managed anti-virus for their business environment up to a fully functional IT department. We also help to implement software systems which integrate seamlessly with our clients’ structure. Our goal is to customize a plan that our clients can use today and grow into tomorrow,” says Goble.

In short, the best way to explain what Next Level Solutions offers is to use the following example. A company grows to a point that they need to add a CFO, COO, or CIO and may only have a $60K yearly budget for that position. The prospective hire’s skillset usually does not fulfill all of the organization’s needs. Next Level Solutions offers a team of three executives with sixty years combined experience in three different fields as well as entrepreneurial experience which are priceless to any business owner.

The Next Level executive team has an entire professional and administrative staff it utilizes and orchestrates at lower costs to deliver the right amount of services within the organization’s budget. For more information on Next Level Solutions, visit their website at: or call (225) 330-8347.

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