Natalyn Randle-Matthews, Visionary Behind “Black Business Women Rock” Conference, Talks Success

October is “Women Walking in Their Own Shoes” month and no one exemplifies this theme as well as Natalyn Randle-Matthews. She is shaking up things and re-defining the game and showing other women how to find a more fulfilling purpose, while still embracing their traditional roles as mothers and wives. Natalyn was recently featured in an article as one of the top African American business women helping to drive Entrepreneurship in the African American community.

Randle-Matthews is one of three African American women who are credited with being a driving force in the business world that has led to a 258% increase in revenue for African American women owned businesses. She shares her experiences, as well as her trials on the road to success.

“Above all, I just want the women in my community to feel as supported as I do,” said Randle-Matthews. That’s when she came up with the idea to start her annual Black Business Women Rock Conference, held annually in downtown Los Angeles. Randle-Matthews started her first conference in her back yard back in September 2011. Over 100 people attended the first conference, as well as vendors, guest speakers and performers.

The road wasn’t always easy explains Randle-Matthews, “I wanted to do it again in 2012, but fear got in my way. Fear stepped in and I was having a conversation with fear and I didn’t have the confidence to keep going. So, I had to go back to God and say, you know what God, is this something that I need to be doing to bring our people together? And He showed me, yes, this is something that you need to do.” There was no stopping her vision at that point, and the Black Business Women Rock Conference soon grew into the event it is today. Natalyn’s hope for starting Black Business Women Rock was to get more black women at the helm. This year she expects to have between 250-300 people in attendance.

When asked about her inspiration, she said, “This year we are going to do a tribute to Maya Angelou. She is my inspiration, so I really wanted to do a tribute to Maya that night. We are going to have a little poetry and music going on, as well as speakers. There will be something for everyone no matter what industry they plan to embark on.” The evening will mainly focus on becoming an entrepreneur. Guest speakers will explain how to raise capital, marketing strategy, finance, credit repair, how to invest in the right real estate and the intersection of entrepreneurship and self-realization. As Randle-Matthews explains, “A lot of times people want to start a business, but don’t know which way to turn. This conference will reveal those very important answers.”

The bigger picture for Randle-Matthews is helping women love themselves. “The inner connection is how you feel about yourself. Because if you are loving and treating yourself right, then you are going to be able to go out there, be creative and implement those ideas.”

Natalyn is truly a guiding light for African American business women today. Her annual Black Business Women Rock’s conference is being held on November 1, 2014, at Maker City LA located at 1933 South Broadway on the 11th Floor in downtown Los Angeles.  This event coincides with “Women Walking in Their Own Shoes” month, which is a call to action for women around the world who are ready to live their life with a purpose and commit to own their own success.

For more information about this event visit: or call (310) 980-3902.


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